I Don't Know a Title!

I just know that I have seen God today.

A girl with limited language and limited knowledge came to church with her offering. She's 28 and can't really reason as to why, but she brought it, in her Princess wallet, just to give to Jesus.

The sky was clouded as we walked into church. When we came out... it was blue.

A little girl, with her head on the window in the backseat of the car, wanted to know where Jesus was right then. She just wanted to know.

My husband stood today and taught from God's Word.

A heart bowed before Jesus at His altar and poured itself out because of gratitude, and another because of pain. He met them both there.

A bird's nest sat empty at the top of a column at church. Until the mama bird arrived and three little heads popped up to be fed. Imagine... being fed at church.

A little boy was being pushed in a buggy down the hall. He blew a kiss at his dad as they drove away.

He's everywhere.

Today, I noticed.


Jacquie said…
OMG!! Love this post! I just came to visit after you visited mine and I loved this post! I wish I could see through your eyes... I need to learn to be more attentive to the things He's showing me.

JenB said…
Awwww. That made me tear up!
Heather said…
Melissa- this is fabulous. Oh, that we would all see Him more by just looking for Him. I love all these images....powerful! What a wonderful God we serve! Thanks for serving alongside me and praying for me!
Faith said…
Love these God-stops! He IS all around us!
MiMi said…
What a beautiful post, Melissa! You have reminded me to slow down and "smell the roses"! Thank you.
Leigh Ann said…
Isn't in amazing that being the mom of a child with special needs that I notice a lot of little things that some others might take for granted, but to me, they are a gift and big deal. You are so right. God is all around us. I loved this post, Melissa!
Leigh Ann said…
Check my blog for a surprise. :)
God's Girl said…
Thanks for sharing! Walking with Jesus, listening to His still, small voice, noticing Him in every detail (because He is there) is so sweet to our souls.

thanks for blessing me with your words.

All for Jesus,
amy boyles said…
Hello sister,

I loved this post, particuarly your acknowledgement of the birds being fed at church. What irony, yes? But, if His eye is on the sparrow, how much more is it on us? Tee hee...

Always, always good to bump into you at church! Love you...

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