What's In Store at the Market?

Well, more than you can imagine, that's what! Unfortunately, we can't take pictures in the Atlanta Merchandise Mart or I would show you soooo many cute, cute things! The building on the right is Building One of the Mart. Isn't it HUGE!?

The good news is that Faith and I have a little booth that will be sporting some of the things that we bought so you can certainly go here and check out our web site! Not everything is listed yet, but we would love for you to stop by! OR if you live in our area, leave a comment and I will tell you where to go to find us!

ANYWAY, I can show you the craziness of the city and the inside of ONE of the three buildings looks like this!! It's an atrium that goes up 18 floors and there are TONS of shops inside. It's quite overwhelming to have so many choices, and by the end of the day we were totally exhausted!! I can not imagine trying to figure it out on my own!!

I honestly wish I had taken pictures of some of the people there. Some of them were dressed in high heels and "dressed to the nines" just to walk around and shop. I mean out-of-your-mind-high-heels people! We would just stand and stare. In total awe. Of the madness. And laugh. Yes, we just shook our heads and laughed. Then we would walk away in our flip flops. HA!

Then we would see just crazy fashion choices. Sandals with socks on some men. That's ALWAYS pretty. Low cut tops showing WAAYY too much skin.. YOU ARE AT A MARKET OF SHOPPING WOMEN HERE! Are you kidding me?? Who are you trying to impress? Oh my!

They also try very hard to get your attention at the Mart. They will publish a schedule each year where they advertise that they will hold a "Salad bar in building 3 on floor 7" and you just show up for a free salad! Problem is... there's like a gazillion people at the mart! If you are not there RIGHT when it starts.. well, too bad sista! That stuff is gone!

Some companies also do give aways, and a BIG thing to do is give out shopping bags. Check out this chick. They had her body painted and she stood at the entrance just to give out bags!

You really need to check out Faith's blog and read the story of how we met the "Bloggy Celeb" BooMama! I won't try to retell it, but it was quite the adventure! Here she is!!
She was so sweet and would totally deny being a bloggy celeb. She was there helping her sis-in-law with her booth of JJ designs.. jewelery cases. They are really cute and the booth was even cuter! Check out BooMama's cutie apron!
There's more to share, but laundry, a dirty house and a kid that has been with Mimi is calling! Got other things to do, but please stop by the web site or the store if you would like more info.! We would love to help you shop for personalized and CUTIE things for your friends and family!
Ta ta! :)


JenB said…
Yay! So glad you are home! Can't wait to see the cute stuff! I thought the Christmas show was bad. No wonder you were overwhelmed!!
Faith said…
It sure was fun! LOVE all the cute stuff you found and I'm so excited for it to come and sell!!
MiMi said…
Oh my goodness -- the inside of that one building made me dizzy just looking at the picture!! (Now you know where Faith gets it!)

Glad ya'll had such a good time and are back home safely.

Next time, could you stick me a hotdog and onion rings from The Varsity in your bag and bring them home to me. I would even take it cold!

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