STINKY! But God's STILL In It!

So, friends, yesterday I had a wreck. BUT I promise you that God was so in it!! He was in every detail.

Yes. A stinkin' wreck.

I basically plowed into the back of this guy that had just tried to stop his own car from plowing into the back of another car. There was a big line of stopped traffic... well, it had to suddenly stop because someone suddenly decided to stop... and turn left...without warning.

My crazy air bags came out and the dust went a flyin'. And my horn was stuck. Just a blarin'!

We were ok though. Me and my girl were just fine. The only thing that sore today is that arm that I broke a few years ago. But we were fine... we ARE fine. God was definitely in it!

The police came. The firetrucks came. The guy that we hit was really nice... and patient. Everyone was very nice and patient... actually it was sort of amazing considering the circumstances. God was in it!!

My husband was getting off of work and he was headed our way. We did have to wait for him in all of the traffic that we caused, but he came and hugged us and put us in his car. Oh, yes, God was definitely in it!

My daughter just cried a little... when the sirens came! Not when the wreck happened. I have prayed for her to be brave lately. God was in that too.

And He was in the fact that I was suppose to keep my friend's kids yesterday, but she changed her appointment to Thursday so they weren't with me. He protected them too. How great is our God?

He also used my daughter to tell the policeman (that tended to have a little bit of a mouth on him) that she guessed "we won't make it to church now to meet our daddy. We would be too late!" Oh, witness to him girl! You just tell him about church! Loved that!!

I don't know why we had the wreck, but we did. I have thought about all of the "What if's" and then been so thankful that they weren't! We could have crossed the yellow line and been hit head on, but we weren't! We could have not been wearing seatbelts. My God was so in it!!

Maybe you are facing some sort of wreck on your life. Maybe it's not a car wreck, but some other wreck that you really don't understand. It's true! It's really stinky at times in this life!!

But DO you have a relationship with Christ? He promises us in His word that He will NEVER leave us! He is in every situation that we face. Many of those situations are totally out of our control and, honestly, if we didn't have a God who loved us this entire world would spin totally out of control.

It also says in His word that in Him all things hold together. (Col. 1:17) Had I not known where my strength was coming from, this old girl would NOT have held together! He brings peace in the chaos of this life and there is such comfort in that!

Oh, I pray that you know Jesus as your Savior and Lord. He is so amazing. His Word is truth and His salvation is sure! I just can't help but praise Him! He is my Rock, my Shield and my Protection! I will praise Him in all things! He is worthy of all praise!!

Cling to Him and to His word with all that you have! Let Him carry you! He so wants to love on you in your circumstance!


Amy E. said…
Oh my goodness, girl! So glad you two are okay!!
JenB said…
What Amy said! So glad you're ok! Love you.
Heather said…
I am glad you are okay and so glad you wrote this! He is in EVERYTHING!
Happy 4th!
Valarie said…
Girl. I've been thinking about you guys so much! I love you and I've been thanking God for protecting you and praying that all the "stuff" to come will be easy for ya!

Love ya girl.
You go Liney - witness girl!
Kim said…
Thankful that you are both okay - and that you found God in the midst of all of it -
MiMi said…
Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you and your girl were OK! It all happens so fast, doesn't it? Oh...and those air bags! Those air bags make such a mess.
So thankful that God was in every detail of it.
Praying for you.
Belle-ah said…
Well, God used that wreck wittness on this blog...isn't HE wonderful and creative and meets us where we are??? (((hugs))) you are such an inspiration to me.

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