A Romantic Comedy

Sometimes it's nice to have a change of pace. We get so accustomed to the TV and the noise, and honestly, I get sort of tired of it. So, the other night, while cooking dinner, I decided to do something about it.

I was just cooking tacos so that was nothing special, but I did decide to get our Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole CD's and have them playing in the background. Caroline yelled from upstairs, "MOM! What is THAT?" I just kept cooking.

My husband walked in from work and as he came into the kitchen he had a huge grin on his face. "Wow, that's nice!" He said. He looked through the mail and then came over to hug me. We started swaying to the music and just stood there dancing for a minute. It literally brought tears to my eyes! "What's wrong!? Did I do something?" No, it was the shear sweetness of the moment that brought those tears on! It's not something that you do everyday... stop and enjoy one another for just a minute, and it made a huge impression on us both.

As the tacos cooked we decided to get out the candles as we set the table. We lit them and prepared our plates and then we called Caroline down to eat.

"Caroline, I want you to stand beside your chair and let "the man" show you how to be seated like a lady. Then when you are seated, put your napkin in your lap and keep your hands there until we say the blessing." I said.

Steve walked over and pulled out her chair. She grinned so big and blushed!

"Now, say thank you!"

"Thanks, dad."

"Now daddy will do the same for me," I explained.

He came and pulled out my chair. I sat down.

"Mom! What do you say!?"

"I was getting to it! Thank you." We could tell we were losing the romantic momentum at this point!
"Thanks, honey," I said.

My husband sat down and we bowed to say the blessing. Before we could start Caroline said,

"So, did the power go out?"

Oh girl. You have so much to learn! Romance and kids just do not mix!

One thing that we did take away from that night was that it's our job to teach her how she is to be treated as a woman. We need to be aware and show her that a man of character will treat her with respect even at this early age. Both my husband and I talked to her that night about "the man" being the one that should lead when it comes to praying with her.
She needs to see the example lived out in front of her now so that she will, one day, seek to date and marry a man that will honor God with his life. I pray that she learned a little bit about being treated with honor and that she sees her daddy as an example of a Godly man that wants to care for us to the glory of God.
What about you? Are there things that you do to pass on the lessons of honor and Godliness to those within your realm of influence? I would love to hear your ideas!


Stephanie D. said…
Oh Melissa, that all brought tears to my eyes. It just goes to show you a taco dinner is just as romantic as a steak dinner. I understand where you are coming from about teaching our girls the Godly way to live their life. I think one of the biggest things is they learn so much from watching us. My monkeys see, my monkeys do.
Faith said…
Sooooo sweet!!!

Love that little mess for asking if the power was out! Ha!
Heather said…
Melissa- this is awesome and I totally want to do more of this! You have a precious family.
My hubby and I are doing the bible study "Growing Kids God's Way" at our church- and one of the main things we have already learned is that parents need to show their kids how much they love each other, not just the child.
They made the point that a lot of us spend our time together after the kids go to bed, so the children never see you doing things together and that isn't good!
Anyway- sorry this is so long but I just wanted to say I love this post and love the example you are to all of us!!!
JenB said…
Awwww. So sweet. And just like a kid to ruin it! ha!
Leigh Ann said…
Loved this post. Such an important life lesson you are teaching her. Very sweet.

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