A Girl's Gotta Eat!

And so while we were in Atlanta we did!

One night we went to HardRock Cafe'! My WORD it was loud in that joint! And we were so tired that we didn't want to hollar to each other ... so we just ate. And watched!

Before we were seated they started playing "Y-M-C-A. It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A a" and the music got LOTS louder and the wait staff found themselves doing this....

That would be one girl standing on a chair doing the hand motions to "Y-M-C-A" and one guy pushing that chair all about the restaurant! Yes, PUSHING HER AROUND! It was an accident waiting to happen in my book, but fun they did have!

We also placed our drink order (man, we are big spenders! Water all around!!) and the waitress came out with waters in both hands and one balanced on her head! YES! Balanced on her head!

I almost asked if she had been a water carrier in Africa or something before finding her place at the HardRock. Then I thought that might not go over so well. So, I refrained. I SO wished that I had seen her coming from the kitchen or I would have taken her picture! It was really pretty amazing!

We also went to The Varsity on our way home! Have you EVER eaten at The Varsity??

It's a really old place and the people taking the orders yell, "What d' ya have? What d'ya have?" while waving trays in the air when they are able to help the next customer. It's pretty fun and you have to go there at least once in your life!

Oh, lands sakes alive the onion rings are to. die. for! Yes they are! AND I got a Frosted Orange. I just have to say it, "Shut up! That thing was soo good!" I slurped that thing all the way to the bottom! (Sorry Faith!) I just could not let a drop go to waste! Maybe Faith will write a post with her pics of her food. She just could not resist!! It was SO delish! Healthy? No. Delish! Oh sista! It rocks the house!!

So fun times were had by all and good eats too!


Faith said…
That was some yummy food! After I published that blog the other day, I thought "man, I forgot to talk about the chili dog and the onion rings" Ha! Oh well, I guess I can just devote a whole post to that delicious goodness!
Heather said…
I have to say it, too- SHUT UP! That food looks delicious and you got to meet BOO MAMA!!! Awesome!
MiMi said…
I'm still mad at both of ya"ll! That's "beat-up" that you didn't bring the momma home AT LEAST a fried pie!

Glad ya'll had such a good time!

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