Lookie, Lookie, I Got Cookies!

Isn't THAT cute? That's one of the items that I ordered at the Atlanta Mart recently! I am so excited that they came in so quickly!! It's just a little jar of small round chocolate chip cookies with an adorable label and super cute ribbon, but it makes me smile!

They come with all sorts of labels... birthdays, hostess gift sort of things, all holidays have labels, and LOTS more... AND you can custom design one for a business or for a special event! How cool is that??

It's just so cute. I just had to share!

Have a good day!


amy said…
i LOVE them. it makes me want some chocolate chip cookies RIGHT NOW. i wonder why? ;)
Leigh Ann said…
Faith said…
Very cute indeed! And yummy too, I might add!
Belle-ah said…
Very, very cute, indeed!
MiMi said…
Very cute! It sounds like ya'll found some great finds at the mart. I may have to go with ya'll next year --even if it's only for the trip to The Varsity!!!

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