Let the Lord Be Praised!

Today was a great day at church! I got a phone call early this morning that the worker in the special needs classroom would not be able to be there today. When that happens the job usually falls on me, and to be honest, I do not mind one bit! Today in the first hour they had a couple of kids show up, but in the second hour I only had one precious girl.

This is D'Kali! She is so precious and I had written an entry about her before because she was a part of our special needs VBS. She has limited language, but she is so sweet and gentle. I love spending time with her.

One Sunday, a few months ago, I took her to the worship service just for the music and prayer time. When I walked in today she said, "Amen." and smiled at me. That meant "You are here to take me to big church aren't you!?" So I asked, "Do you want to go hear the music?" And she smiled so big and nodded her head!

We went to the sanctuary and she did SO great! She shook hands with the greeters, stayed right with me and just sat in amazement as we sang. When we were done she said, "Wow." Oh, my heart just melted.It is such an honor to offer a break to her family for just a little while each week. She loves to hear that Jesus loves her and is in awe at the praise, worship and prayer time.

I think I could learn a few lessons from Miss D'Kali!! I should always allow that time before the Lord to bring awe into my heart and life too.

Sometimes it's hard to see those with disabilities struggle. But the times that they are being ministered to or loved on and doing so well are real gifts. God has such a plan for D'Kali's life. So far it is to remind me and those around her that He loves us just as we are. We had such a good time back in the classroom coloring, talking about Nehemiah and singing. She is a precious girl. A gift from the Lord straight to those who know and love her.

When she left today she came and hugged me. We had talked about the fact that Jesus loved her so when she was leaving I said, "Who loves you?" thinking that she would sign "Jesus." Instead, she pointed to me!!! Oh... again, my heart just melted! I pray that she feels loved each week in church because we truly are His hands and feet!
Thank you Lord! I just have to praise You! Thank you!! May Your matchless Name be praised!!


Heather said…
OH- she is precious and so are you! I love hearing these stories! Today in the 3-year-old Sunday School a little boy prayed "God, I sure wish I could see you!" Amazing!
Have a great week!
MiMi said…
Oh, my heart was touched as I read this sweet post! God is using you in such a remarkable way in the special needs classroom. How precious that she wanted to go back in the worship service and even more precious that she KNEW that you loved her! You are doing an amazing job of being His hands and His feet!
JenB said…
You made me cry again! And I've already heard most of this! Girl, it's awesome to see this ministry growing and thriving. Talk about some obedience! I'm proud of you!

Love you!
Faith said…
This is just precious!! I love to hear how the Lord is working in her heart. Praises to Him for this ministry and everyone who is a part of it!

Love you!!
Leigh Ann said…
This warms my heart. What a blessing you are, Melissa, to this family. How wonderful you recognize that her family needs a break. What a HUGE thing you are doing for them and for that precious young lady. I wish I could give you a BIG hug!
Grace said…
Oh my goodness, how sweet is she?! Thank you for sharing this...I am now crying at work. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Tell Miss Caroline we said hello and hope she has a great week at school!

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