Shopping Quandary!

Hey friends! I have to tell ya... I am in quite a quandary!

My dad AND my husband have a birthday this weekend. BOTH of them!! And I struggle. OH, I struggle to buy either one of them a gift because, let's face it, I seem to get them the same things every single year. Pants. A shirt. Maybe socks. And it's so amazingly boring.

You know, girls love to get a new top or skirt every now and then... or a new purse and we are all over ourselves with excitement!! I can shop ALL DAY LONG for my mom and still have things that I wanted to buy. For me, girls are just so easy!! I know that the men in my life appreciate the clothes, I mean they can not go naked for heaven's sake, but I just want to buy them something they will LOVE!

My friend Amy gets real creative with her man's gifts, but she's engaged and it's all new and all...
Well, I have been married for 12 years and I have used all of my creativity! Well, not really.. it's just that I have no direction.

Then my friend Jennifer had to buy her husband a birthday gift recently and he likes computer games so she got him a new game. It was a great idea!! I just don't think my husband will play it... so that's out.

My dad is a singer. He sings in a barbershop quartet group and he plays the banjo!! (YEE HAW!) Last year we got him a new guitar strap for the banjo and a pitch pipe for the a capella pitches that they need when singing barbershop. Here he is holding up his guitar strap.

Thrilling people. I tell ya.

Those were great ideas.... for last year!!!!! Now, it's this year and I am fresh out.

SO what do you do when you don't know what to buy? Gift cards? The same old clothes thing and just hope that they love it? ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Sorry to bore you with this entry. It's where I am today. :)


Jessica H said…
Hey Melissa! If you dad enjoys racing, you could take him to Lowes Motor Speedway and do the Richard Petty Driving Experience. My aunt did that for my uncle last year. He loved it and he isn't even a huge racing fan. Also, my grandmother got a one-hour massage for my grandfather one year and he really loved that! Or, you could plan a little surpirse party for both your dad and husband and have a cookout at your house and invite a few close friends and family. That one is always fun! For Patrick, I make him a scrapbook each year with pictures from the past year. He always likes that. Sometimes I google "creative gift ideas" and that helps too. Hope you find the perfect gift for both!
JenB said…
Girl, I got nothin'. When I don't know what to do I buy gift cards to places they like to shop. I know. But I'm not your creative friend, so what did you expect?
Heather said…
I don't know if this would work, but we just got my father-in-law some crocs. He didn't have any and we got him some with the Arkansas Razorback logo on them. They make all sort of custom ones, now. They may not even like crocs, but I thought I would suggest it.
My dad is the HARDEST person to buy for!
Melissa said…
Yea for ya'll! You are the best to help me with ideas!! I looked into the Richard Petty thing, but it's a little more than I can spend for each of them. BUT down the road I might have to keep that one in mind! The Croc idea is a good one. My dad might actually like those!! And he doesn't have any yet. I even liked the gift card idea, Jen. You at least gave me permission!! ha ha!
Tomorrow is the birthday jaunt! Let's see how it goes!
MiMi said…
Oh my goodness! I've been married over 30 years, so you KNOW my creativity is gone!!!! I was wondering about GPS if your vehicles don't already have it. My dad really loves his TomTom.
I imagine you have already made your decision by now and I am sure that each of them will love whatever you give them. The older we get, I think the less it matters. We care more about just being with those that we love.
Happy Birthday to your dad and Steve!
Leigh Ann said…
I feel your pain. I always dread June because it includes my Dad's birthday plus Father's Day. yikes! I always struggle. I don't think you can go wrong with gift cards, especially to places like Best Buy. I think that banjo strap was actually a really great gift. We got Derek's dad a cell phone for Christmas (because I was fresh out of ideas) and you would have thought that was THE best thing he had ever gotten. It seems like when I over think it, I bust, but when I just get something I think they will like I do better. Okay, I'm no help. I'll go now! Ha!
Faith said…
Oh girl, I'm too late for the big shopping jaunt, but I hope you found some great things! I agree, guys are SO hard to buy for. I'm sure you came up with something that will be just fabulous!!!

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