Please Don't Think I'm Terrible

BUT SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW and I am a bit excited!!!!!!!

Just a tad.

See lately my sweet girl has been a bit of a... shall we say... brat.

Yes, I said it. She has been a little more than I can bear and it is mainly because of her sinful nature and boredom. Sheer boredom. And that whole sinful thing that none of us would like to acknowledge about ourselves. But it's there. Oh, it's there.

She has not been the best listener, shall we say, and she has talked back to me more than once... ok, more than 10 times a day lately. I mean I have had to really talk to this kid about her mouth and lack of listening skills. I have also had to follow up with other... more physical... "talking". It has not been fun!! AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone with me here?

I am sure that her attitude has not been the only contribution to our state of frustration of late. It's hard to admit, but MY attitude could sometimes use a little adjustment as well. There have been times that I have said (to quote my friend Jennifer) "SOMEBODY needs a nap here! And it's MOMMY!" (Makes me crack up every time, Jen!)

Anyway!! School is starting and we will get up bright and early to head over to our first day of first grade!! I seriously can not believe that she is starting REAL school. It will be really, seriously great to have a new routine and a little time to get a few things done that I have been putting off. She is so ready to be with kids her age and she wants to read and do math too!

YEA!!!!!! Let me just shout it from the roof tops here.

We got a shower, washed her hair, got out the new cute little outfit that she will wear, got out the new sandals and went to bed on time!! The routine begins tonight!!

Sick, aren't I? Who gets this excited about this stuff? My husband even told his mom that he thinks that the mom is AS excited as the girl, if not more!!

Pitiful, isn't it?
Just pitiful.


MiMi said…
No--not pitiful at all! I think settling into a routine is a good thing for everyone. I cannot believe that Caroline is going to be in 1st grade! I am so excited for her and I am also excited for you that you will have some much-needed "alone" time. It will just make the time that you are together, that much better!

Have fun, Caroline! You are such a big girl!
Faith said…
Yay!! This is going to be great for BOTH of you! I've been praying for that missy today and I hope it has been a great first day in first grade!!!
Leigh Ann said…
I'm right there will you on the excitement, but I'm a little anxious, too. Can't wait to hear all about her first day!

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