Spontaneous Vaction-ous

Well, HOWDY YA'LL! It has been more than a week since I sat down to work at this ol' blawg. It has been a busy week with my mama here for a few days, new shipments of fun things for our store and a spontaneous vacation thrown in for good measure!

It was really amazing that my hubby agreed to such madness because he is The Plan and Research Department around here. (I love him!) We literally had no reservation for our quick little get away until Friday afternoon around 4! We were packed and ready to go and thought, "You think we need a reservation?"

This look says it all. Madness and just craziness for this very planned family! (I love this picture. It just makes me laugh out loud!!)
My mama left that morning so we had to recover from Caroline's little sad spell over her Mimi leaving and then we headed to our little store to put these CUTE suckers out!

They are so cute and such great gift ideas for anyone! AND they taste great!! They come in every letter and I just love that they are able to make a gift really personal for just a little money!

Then we headed home, packed, made our reservation and headed to the mountains! I forgot my camera for our late dinner that night, but we had a yummy Italian meal and then headed to our hotel for bed. It was just nice to get away.

So we woke up the next day and headed to TWEETSIE RAILROAD!

We rode rides....

Danced on a stage... she did a little cloggin'!

Played in the covered wagon and tee pee...

Fed the cutest little goats! Oh my word! They would stick their heads through the pickets in the fence and just watch you until you stopped with a little ice cream cone of food for them! They were the cutest things!!

We panned for gold!

AND THEN.. my battery died in my camera and I could not take any more pictures! OH! I was so mad! And no one had a battery that I could use as a replacement so the rest is just a memory!!

I was so glad to get away with just my little family! We also went hiking on a trail, did a scavenger hunt and saw a waterfall! It was fun to be away from work and the other stresses that keep us so busy. Each of us needed the time together for different reasons and our little three day get away was entirely too short, but we had a ball!

Happy Summer! School starts soon!! Yea!! oh, I mean...


Heather said…
This looks so fun! I love getting away with "just us!"
MiMi said…
Glad you were able to get away for a spontaneous vacation. I remember taking my kids to Tweetsie and how much fun it was. Looks like Caroline had a great time!

P.S. Thank you for your prayers for my Mother.
JenB said…
So glad you had fun! Great pictures!
Did you get $3.44/gal gas on your way through GF? It's crazy here! I WILL be filling up before I leave!
Faith said…
That first picture makes me laugh out loud too! She is such a mess!

Glad you guys had a fun, spontaneous getaway! I haven't been to Tweetsie in years!
God's Girl said…
Your daughter is so cute! I know my daughter and yours would have a great time together.

My step sister lives in Charlote, North Carolina. It looks so pretty there (from your pictures).

thanks for sharing on my blog. Your insights were great!

God's blessings to you and your family!!!!

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