Looks Like We Made It!

Through the first day of first grade, that is! We still have plenty of days to go with this whole new idea of school with no rest time, a Spanish class once a week and real homework!

My girl got into the car yesterday morning raring to go!! She was so excited and did NOT want me to walk her to her class. "I know where to go mom!" Ok, already! Gosh. Just trying to be a mom here.

Later my mom called to see how things went and she asked if I walked her to her class. When I said no... well! I might as well had been in timeout!! My mother was NOT happy with me about the fact that I let her only granddaughter walk to her first day of first grade by herself!! MAN! I was between a rock and a hard place there. My little one finally trying to be independent and my MOTHER guilting me for not being a good mom. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO??

She looked really cute with her cupcake shirt, polka dotted skirt and matching sandals!! She has always been a BIG bow girl too, but not yesterday. "I want to wear my hair down, mom."

It was still dark when we took this photo so the lighting is not that great. She didn't care! She smiled and was ready to show the world that she was going to first grade!

When I picked her up from school she was grinning from ear to ear. I said, "Well!? How was it?"

"Good. When I got here I went straight to the stairs to get to my class, but those kids were going so slow! I told them to GO! I have to go to my class!!" My GIRL!

Her sweet little friend from last year is in her class this year too. She said, "He cried mom! He missed his mom and I told him that he would be fine and that she would come soon. Don't cry! We have to pray for him mom." Bless her little heart. She hates for her friends to be upset. I guess she gets that from her mom.

We talked about lunch in the cafeteria, having to watch a movie instead of going to the playground ("It's too wet mom! My sandals would be a mess!"), and math. She did her math page by herself. (SEE MOM? More independence there!! She's trying and I have to let her!! ) SO big. I just could not believe the conversation we had and how big she's acting!! It really is an answer to prayer!
Oh! That's the other cool part! They prayed (she attends a Christian school), read their Bible ("It looks like yours mom!') and talked about Kingdom choices vs. worldly choices! LOVE THAT! We get to talk about the kingdom choices that she makes everyday and how those choices are different from worldly ones!! I am praying that the Lord will use this time in her life to draw her to Him so that she will come to know Him as her Savior and Lord! OH! I am praying!!
So stay tuned for the continuing saga of the Tales of the First Grade Talks. I am sure that we will have plenty to share as we encounter school and all that it holds for us. Our special needs support has not started yet so we will see how God works in all of it!! Can't wait!


Heather said…
No bow?!?!?!? That's an outrage! Just kidding! She looks precious and how grown up she is getting- all independent! Praises for a new year and all the blessings!
JenB said…
Oh I'm so glad the first day went so well! And my word (not to sound like your mom) but she went all the way from car line to her class by herself? What a big girl! I'm impressed!
amy boyles said…
Your precious grown up girl waved at me on Sunday morning when I saw her in Big Momma's Attic. I like to peek in there from time to time at my neices and also because I just LOVE it in there. Anyway, when she smiles, she has one of those faces that her whole face lights up! It's the sweetest thing and keeps me smiling long after she's gone. Of course, you KNOW who she thinks I am, don't you?!?!

Can't wait to hear more about what God is showing you through her little life.

Faith said…
Yay Liney!!! So proud of that big first grader! Just can't get over how big she is and how much she is growing up. God is faithful and He is no where near done working in and through her.
Love ya'lll!
MiMi said…
Awww...what a big first grader! I am so proud of her!

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