Here's a Little Randomness For Ya!

Well, there's lots going on but none of it sounds like stuff to blog about so we will just go with some random thoughts for today... how's that??

1) We have been getting ready for Disciple Now weekend at our church and we are a host home. That means that a group of girls (at our request!) are coming to stay at our house for 2 nights and they will take part in a teen conference at our church during the night tonight and the day on Saturday! I like hosting but....

2) I have a STINKIN' COLD! Dag GUM IT! Last week this time I had strep!! COME ON PEOPLE! Enough is enough already!

3) My husband has had the same cold so we are just a blessing to one another right now. JUST a blessing!

4) I worked out twice this week and I am so sore that I can just hardly stand it. Mainly my abs are sore and that is usually hard for me to do... since they have so much padding and all...

5)It's cold again. I am really tired of the cold/hot/cold patterns. BUT God didn't ask my opinion so I will deal with it! He's in control anyway and I am so glad!

6) I am almost finished with the Esther study and let me just tell you... YOU NEED TO TAKE IT! NEED TO!! SOOO good. Oh. My. Word. So stinkin' good!! And Beth Moore just gets more hilarious with age. She is so funny and very open and it's really good! REALLY! (are you convinced?) It's good.

7)Last week I got to take a special needs student to worship for the first time!! I can't believe I haven't told ya'll this!! He is so precious... let me find his picture... hang on... 009

THERE he is! That's Aaron and he's PRECIOUS!! Beautiful smile and he's learning to talk more and more. WELL... we went to worship and he LOVED it! He was playing air drums and he watched my friend, Valerie's husband while they were singing.. so into it and just behaved so well! It was so awesome!! And when we left he got my hand and said, "Fun!" MELT MY HEART AND TAKE ME TO JESUS!! Oh my word!! It was awesome!! When his mom picked him up she got teary when I told her about it. I LOVE MY JOB!!

Ok... guess that's it. Hope you all in blawgland are good. I need to catch up a little on your lives so I'm off to catch up on some reading! Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Jo said…
I was reading about someone else being a host home... awesome for you to open your house up!! I'm going to pray for all the kids involved!!! Such a passion of mine - keeping those youth focused on Christ & not the things of this world!!!

And poor thing - hope you get rid of that cold & dont pass it back & forth any more!!!
Faith said…
Hey girl, hope y'all have a good group of girls and are having a great weekend so far. Let's pray that we don't lose power this year like we did last year ;-)

Can't believe you aren't feeling good again....poor thing. Get better soon!!

Love ya!
Carol said…
Sounds like some good stuff is going on around your neck of the woods minus the cold of course.

Have a great time with the group of girls coming to your house. :-)

Leigh Ann said…
Oh my word! Aaron! Bless his sweet little precious heart. That is amazing and wonderful and brought me to tears! How awesome!

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