Trying To Freshen Up a Bit!

A few months ago we decided that we needed to get a new TV and TV stand since we were SO behind the times with our rabbit ears!! Not to mention the fact that we would have had no TV reception had we stayed with the old TV set up so we had to do something!

Well, here's the TV that I wrote about in a previous post.


It's cute. I like the stand, but the wall above it was all new territory for me since we had always used a large armoire to house our large dinosaur of a television. After several attempts and ideas that didn't trip my trigger (to quote my father!) I decided to try this:

Barn Stars!007



I think it looks ok, but the decorators say that you should group things in 3's or 5's and this is obviously a 4! I have a beige barn star but it made the wall and room look too patriotic because those grey looking stars are actually shades of blue. Red, White and Blue. Uh, no.

So I am living with it for a while to see how I feel about the stars. AND I thought I would ask you for your honest opinion. Go ahead! Shoot straight with me. I can take it!

Another thing that I have wanted to do is add more white to my kitchen. I am seriously debating painting the cabinets white because I have those lovely, boring,  brownish cabinets that they put in all houses. HOWEVER! Our friends, (I am having trouble linking to people here! What's that about?) Chad and Faith, gave us this great framed picture of our last name for Christmas and I have wanted it to be in a prominent place in our home because I just love it!


Isn't it cool? So I put that up on top of our cabinets and balanced it on the other end with my other barn star. What do you think?


See what I mean about the brown? BORING! But I do love, love, love the picture with the name so this will probably stay.

I have also been OVER the color of our front door and shutters. We get the sun blazing the front of our house all day long and the paint is just so faded. I wanted to add some interest and I love the cottage look so here's what I made for the door. It may be a little much, but I like it! 


Are the flowers big enough or WHAT?


So, that's my spring freshen up so far! My summer freshen up just may be those cabinets so stay tuned!!


Rebecca Jo said…
Sounds like you are in decorating mood....

Maybe you can put the the biggest star directly behind the TV & see about maybe just putting the next two smaller ones on the sides somehow....I think maybe what is throwing it off is having the biggest star on the side by itself.

I do love the stars though - have seen them on other blogs too

And how precious is that name framed up... very nice!
beckyjomama said…
I LOVE spring decorating ... I will be doing mine in a new house this year, so I am REALLY excited. I think the stars look fine - even if there are four of em! Lookin good :)
Jacquie said…
Just my 2 cents... and I'm no decorator.

I think the stars look just fine. Cute, actually.

I love the top of your cabinets, too!!
MiMi said…
I love the stars and are you not just so excited about that new TV? I love what you have done and I love that adorable framed name!

Keep up the good work!
Faith said…
Oooh, I like the barn stars!! What about adding one more little small one below the big blue one and to the left of the tv? It might balance out some because you've got the thermostat and the light switch on the other side that my eye goes to. Or maybe a small one in between the big blue one and the grey one??? I don't know, I might need to see it in person to get a better feel for it.

And, I think you know of my love for the last name pic...I just wish my name was shorter so I could have one too!!

It all looks great, my friend! Love you!
Sharon said…
Oooo... you're getting me motivated! I love the barn stars, I have been wanting some myself. Your TV area looks great! :)
Valarie said…
You do NOT want white cabinets! Had them - HATE them! Maybe you could do a white wash (bleach wash) on the cabinets that would give them kind of a cottage, rustic kinda look.

Love the stars - Regina has them EVERYWHERE! ;-)

Just my 2 cents!
Jensmere said…
like the stars...I would lose the red one and bring the large one in closer.

White cabinets are a huge pain to keep clean!!! What about a glazing technigue to give them a new look??

Bless you...
Carol said…
I'm loving all the freshening up you are doing. You're doing great! I'm sorry I haven't been around reading as much. I've been busy with the kids, home, travels, small group, etc. I'll get better about it.


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