Important Things to Remember

Do you know those things that have that fly with those propeller things on top? You know, you wear head phones to communicate inside and they can land on the tops of buildings?

At my house they are called HOPTOCOPTERS!

Yes, that is what they are per one little 7 year old and we are sticking to it! NEVER TELL HER THE DIFFERENCE! 013

Also, if you are having a snack of apples on the little ottoman in my den you MUST be having THE LORD’S SUPPER for Pete’s sake!

AND if you are tired you definitely need to take a nap with your sleeping bag, a baby doll and a pillow. NOTHING LESS WILL DO! And you must pull them all downstairs because, heaven forbid, that you sleep in your room where there is a bed already!

AND if you are taking dance lessons you NEVER need help changing your shoes! You are BIG and you can do it with no help what so ever… do not even ask! Thank you very much.


It’s important to read your Bible every day and when you come downstairs in the morning and see your dad praying on his knees… then you need to get on your knees and pray too. That’s how it works.

Also, it’s important to hug your mom’s neck REALLY REALLY hard as soon as you get home from school because you missed her so much.

Oh my goodness. I could just eat her. Precious, little girl. 


Jacquie said…
Oh, that's just so sweet!! (Y'all are doing it right!!)
Rebecca Jo said…
What a precious little one you have... love the picture of her putting on her dance shoes!
Faith said…
I miss seeing that little Liney! Love her, and you and miss you too!
MiMi said…
Just precious!

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