This One Was For the Girls!

This past weekend was a SUPER busy one!

Super busy because we had seven 8th grade girls and one leader at our home for the youth weekend at our church. The weekend is called Disciple Now and they had 2000 students attend the event this year. 2000!!!! Wow!


So our little group stayed with us from Friday night until Sunday morning and they were typical 13 year old girls... running around, giggling, and just being kids!! Eight girls running around plus Caroline ...the 7 year old that desperately wanted to be 13!

(Girlfriend slept IN her sleeping bag on her bed because the big girls were in their sleeping bags in the playroom. She cracked me up!)


I made a little bag with a small gift for each girl and of course Caroline needed one!

We picked them up after their conference on Friday night, brought them home to settle into our playroom and fed them snacks. You KNOW how excited girls get about spending the night so no one could really sleep. EXCEPT ME! I have had a horrible cold so I told the leader to keep them in the playroom and that I was headed to bed. What a FUN hostess I was!!!

Anyway on Saturday morning they were up at 7am, had their quiet time and some cinnamon rolls and then they were off to their morning conference at 8:30. WOW! Some sleepy looking chicks left our house that morning, but nothing compared to Sunday morning when they all had to be up, ready for church and packed to go home. Bless 'em.

On Saturday they were suppose to have a mission project that was outdoors, but it was so cold and raining so they had to cancel. They came back to our house, put on their pj's and did what girls do best.. TALK! They talked about everything you can imagine and when they got bored with that they decided to go out and jump on our trampoline... in the freezing cold rain! Ah yes... teenage girls!

I think they had a great time hanging out and studying God's Word, and it was pretty fun to have them staying in our home!

To add to the fun Caroline and her daddy had a Daddy/Daughter Dance at our church on Saturday night. 


I wish SOOO bad that I could have been a fly on the wall!! I understand that they were the first ones on the dance floor because my child is like her mother and when she hears music it must be time to dance!! AND my husband is the POLAR opposite. He said they were the two on the floor with the least rhythm, but the most enthusiasm... OH GOSH! I wish I could have seen that!!! Don't you!?

He was such a good sport and followed her lead. She was there to part-ay (apparently) and he wasn't about to squelch her fun night! Go daddy, go daddy... go, go, go Daddy!


Anyway, they did the electric slide (and Caroline told her daddy to "Move out of the way, I need some more room!" ha!!), the limbo, had their picture made and they played a few games. They ate all sorts of fun stuff and in Caroline's words, "All us girls spun around in our dresses mom! It was so cool!" 

Needless to say that by Sunday afternoon we were all POOPED! The girls were gone, the house was quiet and we lay down for a long, long nap!


Rebecca Jo said…
Oh, I bet your little one wanted to be so grown up with the "big girls" there... love the picture of her dashing in the bottom... & her sleeping in her sleeping bag - cute!

I know from many nights with the youth, giggles & talking is an all night event! How nice for you to open your home.

And how adorable is your husband with Caroline before the dance???? I loved she was the first one out dancing! Go GIRL!!!!

Get some rest & feel better!
mommieof2 said…
Girl get you some rest! I know you had a great time and those girls did has well (and Caroline). You are really a special person.
Heather said…
I love those "Disciple Now" events! I know you were a GREAT hostess! how cute is Caroline in her sleeping bag and then all dressed up for the dance?!?!? Adorable!
Traci said…
i'm so glad you had a good weekend despite your not feeling up to par. guess what? rex took a picture of them on the dance floor by themselves! he also took a few others that i'll send to your email.
loved your outfit on sunday by the way.
Faith said…
What a crazy busy, but fun weekend it looks like y'all had. I know Caroline had a blast 'cause I know that girl is all about a par-tay!

Love all the pics. Hope you are feeling much better by now.

Love ya!
MiMi said…
Oh, I bet Miss Caroline loved having the girls at your house! I love all the pictures!

I sure wish I could have seen that cute couple doing the Electric Slide together!

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