STILL Trying To Freshen Things UP!

Are you sick of me talking about this? Sometimes I get tired of thinking about what I can do in this room or how can that room look more inviting. THEN I walk in to bare walls in the office and a bedroom that has been unfinished for 5 years and I just can't help it!! I so want our home to be a place that's pretty and relaxing and homey. Ya know?

This PRECIOUS "G" was given to me for my birthday by my friend Emily. I HEART IT! So I decided to help my bare office walls by adding a little ribbon (because ribbon just makes everything better! Oh, yes! It does!) and hanging it in a small bare area! I love it so much!


I also switched my tables around in my den (and did I take a before picture? Uh, no! And sorry, this picture is sort of dark!) and I put this more formal table in the corner where I have more fabric on some corner windows. I also "shopped my house" and brought this little white chair down from my guest bedroom and added it to the seating area. I don't know if it will stay like this forever, but I like the change and the white and dark woods together. The chair is really cute and no one ever saw it but my mom and dad when they come to stay!


If you are cute you need to be seen!! I'm just sayin'!

I have also been trying really hard to freshen up my menus at dinner. It is so easy to get into the same ol' recipes over and over again! The last time I went to the grocery store they had whole chickens for 59 cents a pound!!

Now, have I ever cooked a whole chicken? Nooooo! But could I pass up that bargain? NO! I mean a whole chicken for less that $3 is a steal and those women were buying 3 and 4 at a time!! I wasn't going to look like I didn't know what I was doing so I bought 2! The entire time I shopped I was trying to think about what the heck I was gonna do with 2 whole chickens, but none the less, I paid for them and brought them birds home!

Sunday I put a chicken in a big bowl with some water and salt and I let it sit overnight. Yesterday morning I rinsed it off, dried it with paper towel, cleaned it out (YUCK!) and put it in my crock pot after I put some herbs and butter on it. I cooked it all day until it was falling off of the bone and OH MY WORD! It tasted like a roasted chicken from the grocery store!! And I have enough left over to put into some soup or something... and it's already got flavor!! LOVE that!

Isn't trying new things fun?

Ok, my next post can't be about this dumb old house! I mean, I love to decorate, but there's more to life! There are things like Bible studies that change your life, kids that get new glasses and friends and family that you love... that's what really matters!


Rebecca Jo said…
Love the "G" with the ribbon... very cute!!!

The idea of a whole chicken gives me chills... ugh! You are more of a woman than I could ever be :-)

BTW - how is your MIL doing?
Faith said…
The "G" is fabulous! And, I like the new little chair down there.

So proud of you and the chickens!
Traci said…
you crack me up, in a good way! i'm going to have to try the crock pot chic, sounds tasty! your house always looks the initial, monograms are the best!
Jensmere said…
You are soooo right...ribbon just makes it sing!

Love the little conversation area with the chairs too!

No worries about having a 'decorating mind' is a gift from the Creator! I think that He gets a real kick out of watching us 'follow His example'.

Bless you, sweetie...
Faye said…
Heather said…
I love that big "G"- very cool! I am trying to vary up my dinners....but it is hard!

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