Sweetness All The Way Around!

I know it hasn't been that long since I wrote a post, but man it feels like I have been away for a long time for some reason. I have not been able to catch up on your blogs, leave comments, or post anything new in a few days because we have been busy little bees!

Here are a few things that happened:

1) The Caroline girl got GLASSES! Check her out!!001

We found out that she is FAR sighted!! HELLO! That will mess with your ability to read just a little!! Unless we just wrote everything on the wall it's no wonder girlfriend has had a little bit of a hard time!! She LOVES to read and was really just trying to truck through, but what a difference this has made for her over the past few days. She definitely will need to get adjusted to them, and she has worn them little by little, but we can not WAIT to see how this helps! YAY GOD!

2)We took our little spectacled chicky on a bowling day with my Special Needs Sunday School Class!!002 

They had such a great time!!

This one guy (named Paul) came to bowl and he got my husband aside.


Here's the conversation:

Paul: "Hey Steve. Come sit right here."

Steve: "Alright buddy. What you want to talk about?"

Paul: "I was wondering. What did you go and get married to a WIFE for?"

Steve: (look at his posture... so serious as he answers.. and I took that picture as they were having this conversation) "MAN Paul! I have wondered that for the past 12 years! That is a good question!!"

Oh! We all just died laughing! Paul is precious and just a HOOT! Here he is after bowling a good bowl... 004

Just precious!! We love him so much!!

Caroline was taken by this little girl that visited with some friends. She gave up her turn to bowl so that this little girl could have a turn.  And you can see Paul in the background cheering them on!


SOO sweet!!

And here's Caroline with D'Kali as they pose with their glasses on! Caroline wanted D'Kali to know that she was JUST LIKE HER with her glasses, and D'Kali just grinned. Oh, it will melt your heart!


Bowling was fun but man we were beat! We had lunch with some friends and then headed home in the pouring rain for a nap! ALL three of us plopped down and snoozed for a bit!! What a day!!

Today is Sunday and after a great day at church we headed over to Steve's family's house to see our sweet little niece. You all prayed for her when she stopped breathing at one week old and had to go back to the hospital. Well, just look at Miss Taylor NOW!! 


Oh, I could just eat her up!! She has been a booger and hasn't wanted to sleep through the night so we were doing our best to keep her awake some today! Look at those eyes!! She has changed so much.


Since it has been sick season (and I was sick 3 weekends in a row) we have not allowed Caroline to share her FIRST GRADE GERMS with Taylor. After her little hospital trip we just thought it would be wise to keep them apart and let Taylor have a few weeks to grow and get stronger. SO today was a special day as Caroline met her ONLY cousin for the first time!!


It has been a fun, but busy few days. So busy, in fact, that it's 9:35 and my 2 sweeties are in the bed snoozing away and I am not far behind.

Hope you all had a good weekend!! I have some catching up to do!! 


Jacquie said…
Caroline is just so cute in her new specs!!

And little Taylor has grown so much. So glad she is doing well... even though, she could let her momma sleep a little.
Rebecca Jo said…
LOVE the glasses... adorable!

And its funny while your husband is having this conversation, you pull out the camera! A true blogger!!! Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

And what a precious baby!!!
JenB said…
Love love love the glasses! Mighty cute!
Traci said…
What a cutie pie! She looks so grown up...I know, not what a mama wants to hear. So glad another way to help her has been discovered and corrected, praise the Lord!
Faith said…
She is so sweet in her new specs!! Love them.

And, how cute is Taylor? Such a sweet little one. Glad she is doing much better!
MiMi said…
I LOVE Caroline's glasses! She looks adorable!

And Taylor is so precious! Glad she's doing so much better!
Bella said…
Miss Caroline is just precious in her new eye jewels!

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