109th Post? Who knew??

Well, I have not been paying attention to the number of posts that I have written until my friend Amy wrote HER 100th post and explained that you usually write 100 things about yourself. I don't know if I have 100 things to write, but I guess I can give it a go. If you hang with me and read all 100 leave me a comment. I might just do a little give away myself just for the sheer fact that you tortured yourself long enough to read it all. I must confess... I am not very exciting or interesting so bless you if you hang with me!

Here we go...

100. I have been married for 12 years to my exact opposite. He is very analytical and factual and I am creative and spontaneous. It works for us!

99. I met my husband in the singles department at church! Yes, it can still happen!

98. I have owned two dogs and one cat in my lifetime. The cat was a Siamese and you never really knew if she would love you today... or scratch your eyes out.

97. My favorite ice cream is... ice cream. It's actually easier for me to name what I don't like in the ice cream field. Anything coffee flavored. Otherwise, I'm good.

96. When I think about something really deeply I roll my tongue back in my mouth. It is weird, but not as weird as my husband sticking his out when he thinks! See? opposite!

95. I hate wearing a seat belt, and most of the time my 6 year old tells me to put it on. I am not setting a very good example for her, am I?

94. I enjoy reading books about early century people. Like, I love Jane Austin books and movies. Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are my favorites.

93. I love going to the mountains and the beach. Every time I am in either place I tell my husband, "I could live here!" Good thing we aren't far from either of them!

92. I love 70's and 80's music! The Eagles, Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire, Steely Dan, etc. are all just awesome to me. Usually when I am getting dressed to go somewhere that's what I listen to.

91. When I was in high school and early college I was a receptionist at a hair salon. I LOVED IT! I got to get in the tanning bed for free and I was forever doing something to my hair. Until this stylist looped my hair through a frosting cap and turned my entire head white! I thought my mom was going to kill me!!

90. I once dated a guy that had a pet raccoon. Yes, it was in his house. HOW did we not all have rabies? Yes, he was a red neck. Yes, he had a big truck! YEE HAW! He also clogged. Competitvely, and his sister was his partner.

89. I also dated a guy for 4 years! That's a long time to not end up with the person, ya know? His mom smoked and I always smelled like smoke when I went home. My mom never really knew if it was ME smoking or her!

88. I have never smoked or drank in my life.

87. That last sentence is 100% true.

86. The 4 year guy was not the raccoon guy.

85. I have a degree in Special Education.

84. I graduated from an all female college.

83. I am pretty close to my mom. We talk almost everyday and she is very supportive of me and my family. She has always been a real stable point of my life. She loves to laugh and she is very funny. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she never meets a stranger. I love you mom!

82. I have one brother that is 36 and still lives at home with my parents!

81. My dad is has always been the spiritual leader of our family. He tries so hard to call every once in a while just to say hey and "I love you." He has always been the one that I have been to for help. He was really handsome when he was younger. He has bright blue eyes and black hair. Daddy is the sweetest man and he would give you the shirt off of his back!

80. If I were stranded on a desert island I would want my dad there! He can make anything from anything. It's really amazing. I always had great science fair projects!

79. I use to work at my dad's gas station when I was in college. I pumped gas, checked oil and could plug a tire!

78. My first job was working in a pizza place in our little town. I remember dropping an entire stack of plastic cups one Friday night and the whole place got completely silent. I was SOOOOO embarassed! The place was packed and my highschool friends were all hanging out there. I wanted to just curl up and die that night.

77. My husband likes country music. I do not.

76. I taught first grade for two years after I got married. After teaching High School special ed. my principle use to come by and tell me not to scare the children! ha!

75.I didn't stay in first grade after that. He moved me to middle school where the KIDS scare the teachers!!

74. I loved teaching special ed the most!

73. We have one daughter named Caroline who is getting ready to be 7!

72. Caroline was pretty sick when she was born and stayed in the hospital for 19 days. She came home on a heart monitor. I was a nervous wreck for the first 4 months of her life until they took the monitor off of her!

71. Two years ago I shattered my wrist and I had a plate and 8 screws in there to hold it together.

70. I shattered my wrist on sweet gum balls. I was walking and stepped on the sweet gum balls and they rolled under my feet. I tried to catch myself. It happened on the same Sunday that my grandmother died. Not a good day.

69. I did not walk on that trail again for 2 years!!

68. I hate for people to touch my hair! I like getting it cut and all, but hate for people to play with it.

67. I love surprises!

66. I once stayed with a family that had an autistic son who loved sports. He told me the same facts on baseball cards over and over and over again. You would think that I would remember some of it!

65. I once had a student that could put 1000 piece puzzles together with the colored sides facing down! The colors were overwhelming for his autistic brain to comprehend so he would rather just do the puzzle with the gray side up! He also memorized the phonebook.

64. We teach a Young Married adult Sunday school class with our friends Chad and Faith.

63. I am a little weird about the number of e-mails that are in my in-box. I have to keep it below 130. I save stuff so they will remind me of things, but once I hit 130 I have to delete, delete, delete!

62. I always wanted a pink Jeep when I was growing up. I guess like Barbie? My dad always said, "No!"

61. I grew up near the lake and loved going swimming and boating and fishing with my dad.

60. I love raw oysters. I love them on the open shell with hot sauce and a cracker! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

59. It freaks me out when my in-laws show up unannounced! My mother-in-law's house is immaculent and I am a decent housekeeper, but NOTHING like her! I just know she is seeing every speck of dust and every paper that is lying around when they walk in. I love her, but oh... it freaks me completely out! (they were just here... unannounced! oohh! the stress!)

58. I have been muddin' more than once with friends in my hometown. Once this guy was trying to get our truck out of the mud by putting his feet on another truck and his hands on the truck I was in! It actually worked! He fell face first in the mud. Just like a belly flop. It was hilarious. And very stupid.

57. I do not like going to the grocery store. I do like going hungry worse than I do not like going to the grocery store. I go to the grocery store.

56. I do not mind cleaning my house so much. Toilets are not my favorite, but cleaning isn't too bad.

55.I would love to be an interior decorator.

54. I love being creative and decorating anything! I like to try new things and do it myself if I can.

53. I drive a blue car. Never thought I would have anything but red, but I have blue.

52. I love sweets! Oh my word! Love them!

51. I do not have a green thumb. I can not even remember to water my flowers that I bought from Lowes much less remember to fertilize and all? What's that about!?

50. I talk a lot, but I enjoy a day of quiet too! I love to read when I have free time.

49. I am more than halfway done with this maddness!! PRAISE JESUS!

48. It's really really hard for me to remain quiet when someone is being mistreated. I can not take it when someone is being insensitive and I have to really bite my tongue when the situation does not involve me. Sometimes even the bitten tongue does not help... I just speak out... in pain!

47. I am intimidated by how smart my husband is sometimes!

46. I like to sing. I sing 1st soprano in our church choir.

45. I use to sing for a Christian theater in a small town near by. It was EXTREMEMLY FUN and EXTREMELY time consuming so after 5 years I had to quit. I loved it though!

44. I like bright colors, but I wear a lot of brown, navy, etc. Why is that?

43. I love black olives on pizza.

42. I like rain. Storms are really cool until they get too close. Then they scare me a little.

41. I am beginning to wonder if I know 100 things about myself.

40. I like to cook, but that has not always been the case. I have had to learn a lot since my family ate out a lot. Now that I am not afraid that I will mess every thing up that I try to cook... I like it.

39. My mom and dad use to be the chaperones on all of our youth trips and I hated it. Except the one ski trip where I got the flu going to the mountain to ski and THEN I wished my mom was there!

38. I still have my tonsils.

37. My dad use to be my church league softball coach. Once I got hit in the mouth with a line drive and I had braces. My dad pulled my lip off of my braces and told me to shake it off! Yea, lots of mercy in my family!

36. In college we stole Christmas ornaments off of the State House Christmas tree. Nothing like being a criminal at Christmas!

35. I have toilet papered several youth pastor's houses and saran wrapped one car. My mom called our neighbor on us when we saran wrapped the car. He was a cop. NICE.

34. When my brother was 4 he had two brain surgeries to relieve fluid from his brain. He was really, really sick and my parents had to live at the hospital while he was recovering. He had a lot of catching up to do as a kid.

33. I lived on a farm with some family friends when my brother was so sick. I loved being on the farm, but I was six and it was hard to be away from my family.

32. I have gotten fresh eggs from the barn for breakfast and pulled my own row of potatoes for supper.

31. I have dammed up a creek to catch craw dads and tadpoles.

30. I have ridden motorcycles through the woods on the trails and then built a fort with the guys!

29. Let's just say I was a tom boy!

28. I do not like mini-vans. I mean I don't want to own one. I do not dislike my friends and the rest of the world's mini-vans. I just don't want one myself.

27. I have recently joined forces with some folks at our church to reach out to the special needs population in our church and hopefully in our community. It's called The Mustard Seed Project, and we have buddies that help kids in "regular" classes on Sundays and we also have 2 self-contained classrooms for more severe disabilities.

26. I really enjoy working with special needs kids and their parents. It 's very rewarding and really exciting to see parents and their children have a place at church.

25. My friend Faith and I have a booth at a store where we sell really cute shoes, monogrammed buttons, car monograms, etc. It's is really fun!!

24. We have had the booth for a year and a half.

23. My favorite color is pink.

22. I have taken a Beginning Sewing class and a Beginning Quilting class in the past several years. I like sewing a lot, but I have lots to learn.

21. I sometimes miss teaching. I really liked seeing kids grow and learn and I liked doing bulletin boards. It's a sickness.

20. I like to work out, but i hate to run. I would rather do aerobics or lift weights.

19. I try to work out every week day.

18. I hate to be bored or have nothing planned for the day. As a stay at home mom you sometimes have no choice but to just be home, but I like to have a plan.

17. I love e-mail!

16. I do not have a fancy phone that I can text from. I wish I did! Then I could just e-mail all the time!

15. We do not have cable! We have 7 stations on our bunny eared TV!

14. Both of our parents are more techy than we are! How backwards is that?? Well, at least in the amount of techy things that they own vs. the amount that we own!

13. I hate for laundry to pile up at my house!

12. I hate putting laundry away.

11. If I hate laundry to pile up then I have no choice but to put laundry away!

10. I like to write letters. I don't do it near enough, but I like to do it.

9. I love pretty stationery! And a good writing pen!

8. It has taken me forever to come up with all of this boring stuff!

7. I do not like coffee. My husband decided that he likes it... at age 40!!

6. I am not 40! yet!

5. I love frozen fruity drinks, but never order them.

4. I love hot chocolate.

3. I love Jesus. I am forever endebted to Him for my soul and I will always praise His name for all that He has given for me so that I might know salvation!

2. Without Jesus I would be in eternal hell. I would be imprisioned either literally or in my own sinful life. Jesus died so that I would know forgiveness, and I pray that you know Him too.

1. If you do not know Jesus as your personal Savior please leave me a comment. All of the 100 things about me do not matter, but HE matters. His love, His sacrifice, His promises that are eternally true and His salvation are all gifts to those who trust Him with their lives. I pray that you know Him.

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it!


Kelly said…
Hi! I read all 100 things about yourself and was not bored. Ha! Congrats on your 100th post (and beyond). I'm looking forward to reading your future posts as well. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

- Kelly (your friend with the special needs child in GA)
JenB said…
And yay! I read all 100 things! And I think I knew about 3/4 of them already. I guess I know you pretty well!
Faith said…
This is great! There were a few that I didn't know...like riding motorcycles through the woods and building forts...so I learned even more about you!
Love you friend!
Heather said…
MELISSA!!! I just clicked over to get caught up on your blog and I LOVED reading all about you girlfriend! This was so fun! I used to be a High School teacher, too. (And I miss nurturing my kiddos, too...but like you, wouldn't trade a minute of this mom stuff!)
Great job on your 100 things~!
God bless you friend!

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