Florida Trip

Hello there blawgers! What a week it has been!! We had such a great time in Florida, but you know how it is when you return from being out of town? Just one thing after another to catch up on... so needless to say the ol' blawg has taken a back seat to other, more urgent matters.

ANYHOO! I am excited to share a little about our time in Florida because it really was fabulous. Short, but really a nice little get away!

We flew to Jacksonville on Monday morning after dropping Caroline with the Grammy... who had big plans to eat pb&j's on the back porch and play at the park all day long. That, my friends, is a dream come true when you are six! There was even mention of play dough as we left the house so we knew that our girl would have the time of her life!

So off we went and when we arrived in JAX my husband went to the rental car counter while I waited patiently for our bags. I knew that he wanted to upgrade to a better car rental than the one he had originally reserved, but when we got to the parking garage I had no idea that he had asked for a Chrysler 300!!!!!!! Now, not to offend anyone that might have one of these lovely machines, but the big grill and the black leather seats are just NOT my little structural engineer husband's usual taste. He's a Camry sort of guy. Just your basic, no real bells and whistles, sort of engineer type. With me?

I, on the other hand, was not allowed to go to the car rental counter because I had threatened to ask for a convertible. Red. Possibly a BMW. He would have none of it.

Anyway, I laughed out loud when we got into this car. I soooooo wish I had taken a picture of it. It was quite hilarious!!

SO we drove to Amelia Island Plantation, which was about a 45 minute drive from the airport, where we had reservations at the Inn. OH MY WORD! Look at the view from our room!

I had never heard of this place, but it was very nice! The room was great! They had just updated and had pretty bedding, the bathrooms were pretty and the grounds were just so green and beautiful! It was just really a great place to stay.

On Tuesday, my hubby got up early and went look at this:

Bless his baby heart. I would have just wandered around looking at the steel and concrete just thinkin', "That's nice concrete and steel you got there." and moved on! BUT the structural engineer came back with raving reviews.

Good. For them.

While he was looking at that madness... I was here...

wearing my new bathing suit and flip flops and reading my book. Oh, it was fabulous!!

So lunch time rolled around and the PE (that would be "professional engineer") phoned to say that he was all done looking at the concrete and that he would like to join me at the pool after a good lunch!

We headed to another part of the property and had lunch outside. It was SO very nice.

I hated that we didn't get our waiter to take our photo! The food was really good and the little area where we ate was surrounded by SHOPPING! I really thought I had just gone to heaven! Beautiful place, good food AND shopping! Come on now!
We were able to stay that night, but had to get up to head back to the airport by 8:30 the next morning! I was really thinking I could talk my hubby into just one more day, but we had arranged for our girl to be with Grammy just until that afternoon so we headed for home.
We actually got back in enough time to get Caroline's things from Grammy and then headed to the school to pick her up to head to therapy. Grammy had told us that she was so excited that we were coming home so I was fully expecting a big "MAAAMAAAAAAAAAAA!" When we got to her classroom. But when I walked in she smiled, came and hugged me and went to sit down with her friends!
I said, "You want to go see daddy? He's waiting in the car!"
"No, I will just stay with Mrs. Carpenter." HER TEACHER! Apparently her teacher had not abandoned her to go fly on the big airplane and sit at the pool.


Faith said…
Looks beautiful down there! So glad that you guys were able to get away and that you had a great time!
Thanks for your sweet message, and most of all for your prayers! Love you, sweet friend!
Valarie said…
Girl, I knew you'd love Amelia. Went there when I lived in FL and just LOVED the place!! I've missed you and look forward to hookin' up this week. Lunch at Camille's? Let me know.
JenB said…
Kids. Glad you had fun though. It's so much fun to get away sometimes, even just for a few days.
Tracey said…
Oh my goodness, now I am just missing my Daddy even more! He lives 10 minutes from the Plantation in Fernandina Beach. I have been so wanting to go down for a visit.

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