Ch Ch Ch Changes

I can hardly believe that next Monday... a week from yesterday... my daughter will graduate from Kindergarten! This year has FLOWN by. I suppose when you are busy every day getting lunches ready, getting up and dressed, running errands, etc. we are much less mindful of the time that is passing right before our eyes, but it sure does happen and FAST! Our schedule is getting ready to slow down a bit and I am really glad.

I don't hate change. As a matter of fact I love a change of pace, a change of scenery and a change of direction. It keeps my life interesting. I am less likely to get in a rut when things change a little. It keeps me on my toes and makes me take notice of the things around me.

There are changes going on at our church. A new Young Married Pastor is coming on board and our Children's Minister is leaving for Texas to be closer to family. While these changes will both effect me and my family, I am excited to see what the Lord has in store. He is going to work in both of these situations to bring glory to His name and I get so excited to see God Himself be creative in how that gets done.

There are changes going on in me! I am SO sick of clutter in my house and I am getting to the point to where if it does not have a function... it might just find itself at Goodwill. I am feeling more of a need to let go of things and have my house in order. I am also an on-the-go kind of girl and I am feeling more of a need to stay home and accomplish more in my house. The question is.. will I be more disciplined to do it? Another change that needs to be made!

I am even seeing a change in my family. My mom, who usually doesn't really get involved in things a whole lot, recently collected money from her co-workers to help buy a co-worker a graduation gift. She collected the money, went and bought the gift and organized a little get together for the girl to show her that their workplace was behind her. I was really impressed with her stepping outside of herself to help encourage someone.

Maybe you are facing some changes today that are not easy for you. Perhaps you are uncertain of what the future holds. Today in my quiet time the Lord showed me very clearly that He is already there! The changes don't surprise HIM in the least.

Elijah was getting ready to be taken by the Lord in 2 Kings 2. The Lord revealed it to Elijah and other prophets that lived in the area in which Elijah ministered. He also revealed it to Elisha.. the one who would continue the ministry that God had for Elijah. A big change was getting ready to take place... BUT GOD! God was already in the change. He was on the other side of the change and He knew the plans that He had for those involved in the change.

I pray that whatever changes you face will not rattle you. The Lord is there! He loves you and the changes are for our good. It keeps us depending on Him and never on ourselves. It helps us to see that HE really is in control and we are not. Hold His hand. Walk with Him and let Him guide you. He will... if you let Him... guide you into your new place with a fresh outlook and a stronger walk with Him.


Faith said…
No she is not graduating next week! How can that be??? Oh my goodness! The girl is getting SO big!
I am seeing changes all around me too, I'm just trying to keep up with them and make sure I'm following HIS leading! Don't want to go where HE is not!
Nicki said…
It goes by sooooo fast!! It makes me sad..... =)
Heather said…
Hi Melissa! Thanks for visiting my blog! So nice to meet you in "blog-land!" Please come back often...I know I will do the same! Did you notice how much we have in common?!?!? Crazy, girl! We both love Jesus (no brainer!), leading bible studies, Dr. Pepper (another no brainer!) and my mom is also "Grammy" to my son!!! I'm sure there's more, too. But I will pace myself! :)
I loved your last post...good word from the Lord, my friend. He is good. See you again soon!
Kim said…
Thanks for your prayers...the suds are moving on. Ready to throw out some clutter too! Summer is a good time to purge and complete projects - after a good week at the beach of course.
Tracey said…
You go girl! Clear out that clutter! You will be amazed how it will also MAKE ROOM FOR God, your family and other things you love!

Way to go Caroline, look out first grade!
Belle-ah said…
What a wonderful perspective you shared.


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