Wanna Join the Circus?

We got word from some sweet friends that they had lots of free tickets to the circus yesterday! We decided to take 'em up on the "FREE" part of that and head on out to see the show! When we got there ALL of these kids' parents had done the same thing!!

It was a spontaneous circus of friends!!

Seriously, the only person that I knew would be there was Jennifer so imagine our surprise to see all of these sweet people from our Sunday school class sitting in our section!

Caroline's daddy went to get cotton candy and when he returned he also had this:

Caroline was so into the circus that I could hardly get her to look at me! But her friends thought the hat was super cool so, of course, they tried it on too!

It fit Rebecca, but her little brother Hayes? Well, not so much! He thought it was so funny that the hat covered his whole head!

The circus was really amazing and it reminded me that I had always loved it growing up! I was still amazed at all of the tricks that the acrobats and clowns could do! To see the excitement on the kids' faces (AND the adults for that matter!) made it really fun!

There were elephants, white tigers and really cute little weiner dogs doing all sorts of tricks!

My husband said that he wasn't sure if he was more afraid of the tigers or the "tiger girl" with her two whips and "in charge attitude!" She was definitely in charge in that ring!

Sometimes, it might be more fun to join the circus, but I will stick with this sweet man and enjoy the show!


Faith said…
Who knew it was going to be a class social? Looks like fun!
JenB said…
So much fun!! Glad you all went!

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