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Hello blawg land!

If you have your sound turned up you might notice the crowd applauding you for coming to my blawg. Ok, actually it's Kirk Franklin getting some praise on so you may want to either turn it up and get some praise on yourself (highly recommended!) OR just turn it down. OR pick another song! I love me some options.

My friend Jennifer told me that I could shuffle them and you would not hear the same song each time you log on, but alas.. I continue to be technologically challenged and could not find that as a choice! Again, I love me some options... so someone help me? please?

Today has been a CLEANING day friends! A Moppin'... dustin'... sheet washin'.... toilet scrubbin'... ironin'... sort of day! Even the Caroline got into the act. Well, against her own wishes and among a million "is this the last thing, mom?"s she got in there and got her sheets off of the bed and dusted a little.

Why all the cleaning!? Well, my husband and I are leaving on Monday to go to Florida for 3 days and I am so excited!! We have not been away in a while and I am ready to see something new for a change! Especially if it's a beach! He has a job there that he has to check on and so I will have a little while just to be by myself and relax. I really don't know what I will do with myself, but we are staying at a resort so maybe I can find a spa! We are going to Amelia Island and I have never been there before so I can't wait to explore!

Caroline is going to stay with Grammy and Paw Paw. She is pretty excited, I think! This is one of my favorite photos of Caroline with Steve's mom. We call her Grammy. She is so good to us and I really love her! I am so blessed to have a mother-in-law that loves the Lord. We are pretty different, but she did a great job on my man so I have very few complaints!

When we scheduled this trip we did not realize that her end of the year testing would be the same week so I have been a little concerned. We spent time doing a practice test today and I just wonder how they think they will test 5 and 6 year olds?? I use to teach 1st grade and we tested 7 years olds... and I thought THAT was hard! We had a computer break, a lunch break, a trampoline break and just a plain old "I can't do this!" cry break! oh. my.

The big praise is that we have a plan in place to have Caroline pulled for testing so the special needs teachers will test her separately! That means that she will have breaks, they can review with her and the setting will be with just a few kids instead of all 20. If you have a child with special needs this testing pull out is an option. You definitely want to check into it! It alleviates lots of stress for the child... and the teacher... and the mama! :)

Hopefully I can get some good photos of our trip! It has been a long time since I was on a plane, but I am so excited!! I will give you an update when we return!


Faith said…
They are making some "Holy Ghost crazy noise" and I like it, sista! Ha!
Can you please come to my house for some moppin', sweepin' and dustin'? I would love you forever =)
So glad you and Steve get to go away. That will be so fun! And, Caroline will do just fine...don't you worry!
Praying for you and love you!
JenB said…
(Emailing you about the music.) Have fun on your trip! Hope you have beautiful weather and lots of rest! And C will be fine. You know how I feel about testing, so... Do it cause you have to and move on. We'll have a party when she's finished!
Nicki said…
Have a GREAT trip!! Caroline will do great!!

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