Awesome Praises




See those two?


Well the one on the left... with her hand in the air... I have asked you to pray for her and have shared a little about her life (all seven years of it) since we have entered the world of occupational therapy and sensory integration issues.


The one on the right is the sweet mother-in-law that I recently asked you all to pray for as she found cancer in her body and will have to have it removed.


WELL! GUESS what God is up to?


Yesterday our little one was tested again just to see where she is with her balance, fine and gross motor skills, auditory processing, motor planning and other skills. We are preparing for tomorrow when she will see a neurologist who is going to help us to know if we are on the right track with treatment and whether or not we need to seek out more intense therapy. SHE DID SO GOOD! I mean, we are not where we need to be, but some of the things that they initially tested her for are not as big of an issue anymore. She still needs therapy and we still need to know answers to some questions about why she does certain things and how she processes things, BUT she is improving and we are just praising the LORD!!


Now, the other great news is that my MIL got some test results from 2 biopsies yesterday and they both came back NORMAL! Which means that the cancer had not spread to the immediate surrounding area of the effected place and that perhaps it has not spread to the lymph nodes. OH. MY. WORD. It was just the best news. We still will not know anything for sure until they do the surgery, but we will take it!! Are you kidding me?? We will take it!


SO... PRAISE THE LORD!! We are just thankful for little steps and are continuing to pray for more good results as things progress for both of these sweet ladies. I love them both and it is good to see the Lord at work.


Where ever you are. What ever you are facing... no matter how hard or uncertain... bring it to the feet of the Father and lay it down. Over and over again if you have to. But let Him work. He is NOT going to leave us without hope. He is NOT going to allow us to carry more than we can bear. It may seem like it, but he PROMISED... PROMISED... that He would never leave us. And He can not break promises. He just can't.


Rebecca Jo said…
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That is some awesome news - for both young ladies! (Your MIL will like I used the word "young ladies") hehe!!!

Praise the Lord! He is so deserving!!!!

We'll continue to pray for God's mercies on both these situations though!
Amy E. said…
Well, praise the Lord!! What great news....made my day! :)
Faith said…
Oh girl, I am still rejoicing over this good news! Can't wait to see how God continues to work in both their lives!

Love you so!!
Valarie said…

Sorry I didn't see this yesterday but I'm praying for today's appt too!
I love ya girl. Let me know!
JenB said…
Yay! Praying for today..
MiMi said…

This is GREAT news! Praise the Lord!

I can't wait to see how God is going to continue to work in both of these special ladies' lives!

Keep us updated!
Heather said…
YEAH! Praise God! He is such a miracle worker!!! I am so happy and rejoicing with you in your good news!

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