Some Irony, Silliness and Flat Out Randomness

Remember the other day I wrote a post about comparing? WELL! Funny how God works, ya know? Today my devotion (from Beth Moore's John the Beloved Disciple) was based on this passage:

1 John 3:19-20
"This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in His presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and
He knows everything."
How about that? John struggled with a heart that condemned him? I mean so many times when I get all wopperjawed and sideways in my mind it's because my heart IS condemning me! It doesn't always take someone doing something to me in order for me to feel less! Sometimes I just get it in my mind somehow that I do not add up or that someone doesn't love me... YOU KNOW... all those crazy thoughts we get!!
TAKE HEART my sisters! GOD is greater than even our hearts! AND He knows EVERY single stinkin' thing that we feel and think! It's no surprise to HIM! AND I LOVE it so much that someone (obviously inspired by God and CHOSEN by God as a disciple to who followed Jesus Himself) dealt with similar issues!! It is such a comfort to know that He speaks to the problems that we face DIRECTLY!
Somebody said on the radio today that there are new age churches that are saying that God's Word isn't relevant to our lives today so they are not using them!! I BEG to differ!! What encouragement and relevance this has to me in my life on many occasions and this is just one little verse!! AND just one issue! I mean... come on! I have MANY issues!! Oh, yeah. I do.
Ok ... off the soapbox now.
So, guess what I did today? I set my car alarm off. While I was sitting in the stinkin' thing!!!! I tried and tried to turn it off. It would NOT stop! People were stopping and looking at me. I pressed the panic button. I pressed the lock button. I pressed the unlock button! It STILL blared!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!!!! BEEP!!!!!!!!! I put the key in the ignition. It beeped. I turned the car ON! It beeped. I mean I looked like a total idiot out there pressing buttons and looking all around my car trying to get the crazy thing to stop. FINALLY. I pressed the lock then the unlock. And it stopped. GLORY HALLELUJAH! I thought I was going to have to drive home with my car blaring... like I was a totally crazy criminal that just stole some girl's car with a monogram on the back! Praise Jesus it stopped. I just KNEW some cop would pass me and I would end up in jail.
Oh, did I mention I have issues?
Weeeelll, another thing that happened today is they called to schedule my daughter's MRI. I am NOT looking forward to having her put to sleep again (we just did this this summer for her to have teeth filled!) but I realize that this MRI will give us more info. and insight into her little head (literally!) so it's worth it. I mean, if it means we can help her more with therapy and school assistance then we need to do it. Her OT called today too. We just chatted about all of it. She is SOOO awesome and really understands all that we are trying to do to help our girl. It's great to have a team that is working with us who has dealt with all of this before.
Oh! Daggum it! I was going to add a recent picture of Caroline and I hit spell check instead! Did you know that pictures won't load after you do that?? Makes me so mad!!! Oh well.
It's that time of year again. It's my brother's birthday. He works at Lowes in the garden section. He paints some (like pictures, not houses... not like a painter but an artist... like the man with the afro that paints on PBS... because we don't have cable I see him every Saturday... ANOTHER issue). Anyhoo... I never know what to get him. It's the HARDEST thing on the planet. Yes, the planet.
Well, my kid is still up and it's almost 9. What kind of parent does that on a school night? Tomorrow is her Thanksgiving Feast at school. The food is so yummy!! We gotta go to bed!! Don't want to miss the turkey and dressing tomorrow for sure.... with 200 elementary aged students it should be a nice quiet Thanksgiving meal.
**THIS THING IS PUBLISHING ALL SQUISHED UP! I am sorry!! I tried to fix it!****


Faith said…
I read that lesson today too, and it was so good! Oh my word, I would love to have seen you in the car with the alarm going off...ha! And, I did not know that you cannot load a picture after you hit spell check...interesting!

Happy Birthday Tommy! Hope y'all have fun tomorrow =)
Rebecca Jo said…
Let us know how the MRI goes....

And doesnt the beeping noise just make you panic - then you cant think straight to hit one little button!! Been there - done that!!!

And since you watch PBS - keep watching a little bit past that - Knitting Daily comes on - can't ever miss that!!!
amy said…
trust me, as someone who was sitting in the car RIGHT BESIDE HER, it was hilarious. i was laughing so hard i couldn't breathe :) and she's not exaggerating about all the people stopping and staring. there were lots...
love you!
MiMi said…
The alarm story was hilarious! I especially love the part about "stole some girl's car with a monogram on it"!! I've set mine off before and it always seems like it takes longer to cut it off than it probably really is, but you feel like EVERYONE is looking at you! Glad you finally got it turned off and if it ever happens to me--now I know what to do!

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