What Am I Thinkin?

I have 52 thousand things to do so I thought I would post! Great idea, huh? I mean with all five of you reading it I am sure you will be very enlightened. Why is it that when we have SO much to do we do things that really do not help. Blogging is not helping me clean, do laundry, get my fall stuff put away and attempt to get Christmas stuff out OR anything else remotely related to progress. Nope. Not a bit.

So, how are you? How was Thanksgiving? Ours was fun! I am glad we got to be with all of our fam and no one got hurt. Well, you know what I mean. The family thing CAN be a bit touchy at times. This year? We didn't touch anyone in the wrong way. BUT it's only Thanksgiving. Give us time. Christmas is on it's way!!

I am dang tired ya'll. Are YOU? I just don't know how being with family makes you this tired, but it does.

This Monday my mother-in-law is having her surgery. She's really being a trooper about it all. She told me that they have to take a copy of her living will with them to the hospital! HELLO! A little morbid, don't you think? She thinks. I have a feeling that she's going to come through this like a champ! Her attitude and her "lets-get-on-with-this-before-I-explode" mentality is what gave me that feeling.

Anyway, we decorated her house for Christmas yesterday because she is STILL planning on having the work Christmas party at her house. Even if she can't walk she is planning on having her house ready so that the office (not as seen on TV) can celebrate. Doesn't that make you feel like she's a little determined? Or crazy. You pick.

Ok, reality sets in. I gotta accomplish something. Though it is 10pm. I have a feeling I might not accomplish a lot.

Gobble. Gobble.


MiMi said…
Here I am doing the exact same thing! Fall decorations STILL up --Christmas decorations STILL in the attic -- and I am blogging!

I know what you mean about the living will. I had major surgery last Christmas and I had to take a copy of mine with me, too, and that is a little sobering.

I will be praying for your MIL and I know that she is going to come through this just fine. She sounds like such a trooper! Please keep us posted on how she's doing.
Leigh Ann said…
I do that all the time...have a ton of things to do and end up in blogland. It's much more fun! :)
Faith said…
Praying today...

Love you!
Amy E. said…
Prayed throughout the day today...not sure what time the surgery was 'cause I was with my 4 year olds yesterday during SS :).
Let us know how everything went.
Love you!

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