Writer's Block

I have tried to write an entry over the last few days like 25 different times, but every time I sit down I just stare... at the screen... like I want to write something, but I just can't! What's up with that? I hate it when I KNOW that I have not been still for more than 5 seconds and yet I think I have nothing to write about!

Side note: Our daughter is in the bed and we can hear her making rooster noises. WHAT in the world?

So the little frogs died. Yeah. It was sad. I thought it was strange though when the instructions that came with them only required us to feed them twice a week and it never said anything about cleaning their little aquarium thingy or anything! Don't you think you need to keep their little aquatic environment clean? I mean, it came with a snail and all and it was suppose to keep it clean... all by it's little self? I don't think so! It died too. Oh well. I guess we aren't the froggy type! Caroline seemed to take it well. Since she looked at the maybe 10 times in a month!!!

Tomorrow is church and I always love going! Today's devotion in my John (Beth Moore) study was about Peter being so overtaken with seeing Jesus on the shore after His resurrection that he jumped out of his boat and swam to Him! Beth (like she's my friend) made the point that we should be so excited to see Him that we will go to any cost to get to Him. It doesn't matter what others think of our craziness!! I would rather be crazy about worshipping Jesus than crazy out of my mind!! He's the reason that I am half sane to begin with so He deserves my worship and no man's opinion of that worship should stop me! I want to worship with full abandon!!

I hope you have a great day at church tomorrow. No matter what you are facing He will meet you there! Go to worship Him with all you've got!

Hopefully next time I will have pictures or something!! WOW! Dead frogs and worshipping Jesus. This may be the strangest post ever written. Ever.


Rebecca Jo said…
You know what - you may have been stumped on what to say - but this is exactly what I needed to hear.... I was sitting here getting in a deep slump & thought about not going to church tomorrow - someone is already covering my lesson so I thought I'd stay home...do the pout-ty thing... but you are right - I need to be in church where God can speak to me even more closely. I've not missed church in YEARS & thought about missing tomorrow - dont know why....perfect timing for your post!
Faith said…
Okay, I am cracking up over the rooster noises...I can SO picture her doing that! Ha!

I liked that Bible study lesson too. It was really good. Missed talking to you today!! Hope Liney is feeling alright!
MiMi said…
I have been experiencing the same writer's block. I just feel like I really have nothing of any value to say.

So sorry to hear about the frogs.

What an amazing sermon we had today, though, and One Voice sounded awesome! Thanks for blessing me!

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