What Bugs Ya?

This cute blog had a list of pet peeves the other day. This this funny blog had a list of songs that really get on her nerves a few weeks ago. It is pretty funny to see the things that get on people's nerves so here are my two lists:

Pet Peeves

1) Hearing people chew their food

2) Seeing people chew their food

3) Hearing people slurp their drinks ( And I have 2 of the biggest smackers right here in my house! OH. MY. WORD. They send me over the edge sometimes!)

4) Men trying to drive and talk on the cell phone (they are NOT multi-taskers... so they need to stop. it. right. now.)

5) Rude people

6) flat soft drinks- YUCK!

7)mail stacked up in my kitchen

8) kids talking back to their parents

9) being unorganized (which, at times, makes me get on my OWN nerves!)

10) Repetitive questions (I stole this one from this blog, but it's SO true!)

Ok... now for the songs... this cracked me up AND I sang them the rest of the day! Oh my gosh! They got on my nerves so bad, but it made me laugh so here we go!

1) AAAfternoon Delight

2) Kokomo

3) Bright Eyes... every now and then I fall apart... and I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever! (please!)

4) Delta Dawn... what's that flower you have on?

5) Anything Culture Club

6) Like a Virgin

7) Hello... is it me your looking for? I can see it in your eyes...

Ok... I know that there are more.. I just can't think of them right now! What about you!!?


1) Spandau Ballet's AH AH AH AH AHHH I Know This Much is TRUE!

2) Sting's King of Pain

3) Tainted Love... I want to // get away I want to // run away

4) Red Red Wine (actually this is one that I remembered)

5) Bette Middler's From A Distance


JenB said…
Achy Breaky Heart!!! This is fun!
Hope little bit is feeling better.
Rebecca Jo said…
Those are funny.....I'm with you on Kokomo....URG!!!! But I have to say - I LOVED Lionel Richie's "Hello"....it's in my head now....aahh - the 80's!
Jacquie said…
Cute post. But, I like David Cook's version of "Hello"!!

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