In All Things...

I need to remember that God IS in control.

He IS on His throne.

He IS NOT afraid and He holds all things together in His hands.

He is perfect.

He is holy.

He deserves all of my praise regardless of how my outlook seems.

He is not shaken nor caught by surprise.

He is all powerful.

He is righteous and His plans are perfect though I do not understand.

My heart may grow weary but He is enough to carry me.

He is able. Able to see past the immediate future and into eternity.

Able to carry me when I can not take another step.

Able to hold me and wipe my tears.

Able to strengthen me to bear the load.

Able to bring about the impossible.

And He IS my Abba Daddy that can not fail.

In all things.. I have to remember that He is.

And it HAS to be enough for me.


Rebecca Jo said…
Such good reminders!!! We tend to forget those things because as humans, we are so far from those things!
Faith said…
Oh boy, I need to remember this too. I want Him to be my ALL in ALL. I love you and I'm praying for you.
Valarie said…
I love you girl. I'm praying!!

God was NOT taken by surprise. It's His PLAN. Perfect. Tried. Tested. Truth. Even the hard stuff.

Love you sweet friend!
MiMi said…
Amen, sister! I love - "He deserves all my praise no matter how my outlook seems."
Amy E. said…
Thanks for such a great reminder! It's amazing how I woke up with such a heavy heart on Wednesday morning, and He has just given me such peace since then. :)
Hope you guys have a great Open House tomorrow!
Leigh Ann said…
Amen! Thank you for reminding me!

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