Sometimes I Compare

I sometimes get it in my mind that I don't add up.

I look at friends who are more creative, more talented in some area or skinnier than me and I get the thought that I am, somehow, less.

I think we all do this to some degree and sometimes we are harder on ourselves than other times. Right now isn't a bad time for me. That's not what I'm saying. It's just that I know that I have good times and bad times.

Do you do this? Do you look at the positives in others and allow them to highlight your negatives? Ok, maybe they are negatives, but they are differences and sometimes we see them as negatives. It's hard, isn't it?

I see a girl with a super cute straight hair cut... and mine is curly, and I think.. it would never do that!
I see hear a girl sing that can hit notes that I could never reach.. unless you pinched me! And I think I could never do that!
Or I see things that people have made or can do with their hands and I think that I could never make something look like that!

Well, it's true we all compare ourselves sometimes. It's a part of life I think!

Today I read this:

"I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are Mine." Isaiah 43:1b

It made me think that no matter how much I compare myself to someone else... the Lord loves ME. He came to redeem ME and He knows MY name.

And He did the exact same for YOU.

Lord, I thank you for my curly hair. I thank you for the gifts that I DO have and I praise you for the way that you came and died for ME. Please help me to look at You and the things that You have for me and not around at what I may not have. You made each of us in Your image and we all have abilities that are special to us. Thank you! Please forgive me for not being thankful enough and help me to see the special plan that you have for me. May I pursue YOU with all of my heart and not what others have or may do. You are God and You are mine! I praise you Lord! I praise You...


JenB said…
Good post. I compare too, but I'm learning that doing so says that what God gave me isn't good enough meaning He messed up somehow. And I know that's not possible. Thanks for the reminder. Love you, curly hair and all. :)
MiMi said…
It's true that we do compare ourselves to others, but I don't know why you would be looking at anyone else, anyway --with that gorgeous curly hair and that beautiful voice of yours! And I know that you are creative, too! Remember...God don't make no junk!
Faith said…
Love my sweet, funny, creative, talented, pretty, curly headed friend to pieces! God made you perfect just the way you are =)

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