Fall Fun

Here's the silly girl SWEEPING leaves with her "sweep!" Her daddy was in the yard raking.

Here's the conversation:

"Mom, where's my sweep?"

"I think it's in the back yard."

"No, it's not. YOU find it."

"No, I don't want it. YOU find it."

Goes to the back yard. Comes back with arms hanging low and head down, carrying a little shovel from the sand box.

"What's wrong?"

"It's not back there and daddy is having all the fun! I am just going to use this shovel!!"

"Why don't you look in the garage with the other brooms?"

"Oh! Yea!"

Comes back with a huge grin, carrying her 'sweep', sweeps the leaves then jumps in them and they go EVERYWHERE! She is NONE too sad about it either!

It's funny to think that the things that we think are fun when we are young are SO not fun when we grow up! I remember thinking that washing the car was fun! Raking the leaves... til I had blisters on my hands was FUN! I think our perspectives change as we age and I definitely think that I need to see God's blessings as FUN and not chores!

What a gift to have fall leaves all around us. They are beautiful and I have a YARD for them to fall into!

Just today Caroline said, "Mom, look at the leaves. They are so pretty. They are all over the ground. Don't you love it?"

Yes, I DO love it! I guess I just need to show it more!


Faith said…
"Sweep" - She is such a mess!! Yeah, sweeping leaves is so not my idea of fun. That last picture is so cute!
Rebecca Jo said…
I too LOVED to rake leaves when I was little - to see how big I could make the piles... how sad that we loose the innocence of a child!

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