Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothingness

Well, once again there's not much going on in my life. The last time I wrote about having nothing to write my friends picked on me about my amazing ability to write an entire blog about having nothing to say.

Aren't they funny? At least in THEIR world they are. I am glad I can keep them amused. It's my job in life. Apparently. (I do not know what I would do without you so go ahead. Joke. I'm fine. Really. I am. I will send you the therapy bill.) :)

Don't get me wrong. I am always amazed at how God is speaking and all that He is doing in my life through reading His Word and prayer. He is active and working daily and I am so excited about that!! I love the Lord! He has plans for us that are beyond all that we imagine. Today has just been one of those not so exciting days... that's all.

For example... We went to the dentist today. Doesn't THAT thrill your soul. One thing I can say about pediatric dentists is that those people EARN every single red cent that they are payed. I mean they work it girls! They are being silly and standing on their heads if they have to just to get these 5 & 6 year olds to cooperate. We watched fish in a tank, wore sun glasses, played in the play area and wore a funny apron to have x-rays today. It worked! See, I have the kid who threw up in the parking lot the last time we went to have her teeth looked at! Yes, before we even went in the door girlfriend puked in the driveway. Special. So to say that the actually got an x-ray from my kid is saying a lot!

Other things of interest? Well, we went to Panera after the dentist. PANERA! My kid chose that over Chic-fil-a people! What is THAT about??

My mother-in-law had foot surgery. She's doing fine thanks.

Our neighbor put their house on the market today. I am praying for a Christian family with a couple of kids that will be a great influence on my kid to move in. And I need for the mom to be super cool with lots of good recipes to share, and she needs to love to talk. And shop. And eat. And I would love for the dad to be the brainy sort that loves Jesus 100% so that my husband could totally connect with him. It would be great if he loved NC State too. And enjoyed playing golf. I know God can handle such a request. Thing is... He is more interested in my holiness than my happiness so I will have to wait to see what He brings our way. A little happiness God?? Just a little?

Ummm.... okay. That's it. Thrilling, isnt it? Can you stand the excitement? I don't know if I can. So I hope your life is a lot more exciting than mine. Maybe you can leave me a comment about your exciting life. It will give the reader something to read. And the writer.

Sleep good my bloggy friends. Maybe tomorrow will bring more excitement. IN the mean time be listening for that still, small voice. In the midst of the excitement He is there.. waiting for us to hear and obey His commands. In the dentists office, in the grocery store, in the car... He is there and He is loving you. And I do too.
Monday, January 28, 2008

Words Can Hurt

Sometimes we do not realize what our words can do. We speak without thinking that someone might be hurting. We think that every one's life is just like ours and that surely they only struggle with what we struggle with... nothing more, nothing less. It is so easy to assume things about others that just isn't true. And when we assume... well, let's just say it isn't always pretty.

Sometimes we say things without even realizing that we are saying something out of sort. On more than one occasion, after I had my daughter and still carried my baby weight (well, more than I do now!) people would ask me when I was DUE! HELLO! I had her 5 weeks ago, people!! It was so embarrassing for them and for me! I just wanted to die because that weight didn't just come right off for me. THEY wanted to die for even saying it out loud. It hurt, but they didn't mean for it to!

"We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check." James 3:2

Even our Lord knows that we will get ourselves into big trouble with our mouths. He has many many verses in His Word about the tongue and how we are wise when we just keep our mouths shut! It definitely is to our benefit, and to the benefit of others, if we heed this advice. It's just so hard to stop the words sometimes.

Other times we just blurt them out... like throwing a bucket of water right on someone... full force with no thought of the repercussions. Not one thought goes to how cold the water might be or how ridiculous the person might look standing there soaking wet. We don't comprehend that the words that we say might harm them in some way and make them want to run away crying.

Often, when you deal with children they will come to a grown up to say that someone said something that hurt their feelings. Well, as grown ups who do we run to? I dare say that we do not wish to gossip about the one that harmed us, but it hurts so bad sometimes that we just need to say it! We just need to cry about it and work through the hurt. It is so hard, even as an adult to not lash out at them just to make them realize exactly what they've done! Or maybe we will walk around with that hurt bundled up inside of us and each time we see the person the grudge just grows bigger and bigger because they have harmed us and we just can't get past it.

Oh, sweet sisters. We HAVE to watch what we say! "With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness." James 3:9

If the Holy Spirit brings it to your mind that perhaps you have hurt someone with your words please go and tell them that you are so sorry and ask for forgiveness. The body of Christ has to work to love one another. We are all so different with different needs and struggles. We each deal with things that are sensitive in our lives. No one will ever be perfect and we all need to be sensitive to the needs of others. We are wise to go back and make it right than to allow it to grow into bitterness that is hard to get over.

The relationships that we have are precious. We must work to protect them. Even if it means eating our words.
Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cleaning House

You know how it is.. cleaning house I mean... like you don't WANT to do it, but if you don't DSS will come get your kids because the bathroom could seriously cause some sort of dysentery.

Like some form of a virus that has never been invented might just start with YOUR house because the floor hasn't been mopped and those germs are just a breedin' into some serious illness.

Oh, I do not like it... at all.

If for nothing more than the guilt and mental anguish just because it hasn't been done and I know it's my responsibility.

I DO love a clean house though. When the floors shine and the bathroom is not screaming disease at me... i DO love that. Another thing I love... a clean house.

Cleaning also gives me time to think. I think about my marriage, my kid, my friends, my QT, my parents, my in-laws... I mean I just think and think and think about things. In someways I guess cleaning is good for me in lots of ways. It gets me motivated. It makes me get more organized. I have to put things in their place and I am able to FIND things. (imagine that!) It makes me feel that I have accomplished something and makes me feel better about myself.

I guess this entry is meaningless to most unless you are responsible for the cleaning at your house. Cleaning... it's hard to get motivated, but when you do and it's done...well, go out to dinner so you can come home and pretend the maid came!! If it's not your job to clean... thank the person who does. All of that grime is really nasty, and they really have to get nasty to get it clean.

Now my sister-in-law... girlfriends! She is the queen of clean. She cleans silver (oh, yes she does) and she knows how to get the worst stuff out of things and off of things. It is amazing. I never really knew anyone so into cleaning before I met her, but she knows her stuff. My mother-in-law is really into clean too and my sister-in-law actually introduced her to some new products at Christmas!!

Yes! Gave them to her as gifts!

On Christmas morning! Yes, she did! I mean Mr. Clean erasers, girls. For her mother-in-law. At Christmas.

I almost died. My mouth was hanging wide open. Your's might be too. It's ok. I know. It's a little over the top. I mean give her something unique... not something she can run get at the Harris Teeter this afternoon.

Not being ugly... I'm just sayin'.

So, here's to a clean house! I am thankful that I have one to clean!!
Thursday, January 24, 2008

What to say?

I am one of those people who really likes to talk. My friend, Faith, cracks on me all the time that I do not know how to leave a short message on the answering machine. I mean I need to tell you that I called, why I called and a little about it, and then I need to tell you to call me back so we can discuss it. Some more. SO I can talk more.

Earlier today I sat down at the computer, pulled up the blog "create" area and just sat and stared at the screen. Weird, huh? Well, I think so. I mean, considering that I can talk to a brick wall until it decided to talk back's really strange that I had absolutely nothing to say. I usually pride myself on never meeting a stranger and the fact that I can talk to about anyone, but today... not so much.

You know what though? I woke up late and had to get a shower to go to school (instead of my usual... pull my hair back, wash my face, put on sweats and tennis shoes and head down for my QT) because my daughter's class was singing in chapel. I didn't get to have my QT and so many times when that happens my day is pretty much out o' whack.

I had a good day. I didn't argue with my husband. Caroline was SO cute in chapel (she was dancing on stage while the class sang... to the beat.. and it wasn't rehearsed or anything... she was just moving to the beat.. and no one else was even moving. Did she care? Oh, but no! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! We were laughing so hard at her.) I had lunch with my friend Amy after planning for a fun girly tea that we are hosting at the church... I mean... it was a good day.

It's just that my time with God gives me purpose. It gives me something to say and something to think about all day. It gives me something to ponder and makes me consider things of life in a different light. When I don't spend time with Him... well, I stare at an empty computer screen.

Sad, isn't it?

So tomorrow HAS to be different. I can't go one day without time with the Father or my life is just meaningless. I know life goes on and things will happen in spite of what I do with my time, but I don't want them to just HAPPEN! I want them to have purpose! I want to be able to see God's hand in my day and without time in His word I don't know how to see His hand.

The other day one of my friends prayed that God would begin to order her steps. She said that she wanted it to be SO clear that God was showing her the next step to take in her life (and in her day) that there was no denying that it was Him. Well, she was working and a friend called to tell her about a new Bible study that had just started on Wednesday nights at church. She said that she was torn because she really loves to listen to our pastor preach, but the Bible study sounded so great! She started telling someone else at work about her dilemma as she was ringing up a customer.

"I just don't know what to do! I have heard that the class is REALLY good, but I don't want to miss the preaching. " she said.
"Well," the customer interrupted," Is it at Hickory Grove?"
"Yes, it is actually!"
"Well," replied the customer, " I TEACH the class! I have a book for you in my car!"

See girls.. that didn't JUST HAPPEN! That was totally God aligning her steps with His will. That's what I want!! But it won't happen unless I spend time in prayer and in His Word! There was no doubting that He was directing her path and I want that for me!!

Not just some stare into space, speechless, mindless life!

I gotta go! I gotta get in the WORD!
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More of What I Love...

I don't usually write 2 entries in one day, but the last one about the things that I love really got me thinking today. IT IS GOOD to say the things that you love out loud. It gives you perspective and really can make your day brighter. We all love things that we never really think about saying out loud.

So something else that I love is when my kid learns new things and she is so proud of herself.

I also love cell phones.

You do realize that loving God and loving cell phones or chocolate or anything else is two totally different things? I have heard my husband say many times when teaching Sunday school that the English language is a lazy language. We have too many words that say the same thing, but mean something totally different and to a totally different degree. It's not fair to say that we love God and french fries in the same sentence. It's the degree and seriousness of the love that are totally different and we should never be so flippant! When it comes to God, of course.

And I DO love french fries.

I love cold weather.

I love smelling hot chocolate, coffee and cider.

I love having lunch with friends. LOVE IT! Ask any of them.

I love to talk. Ask any of my friends.

I love ribbon. Pretty ribbon. Grosgrain, satin, silk... fat, skinny... striped, solid, houndstooth, plaid... ribbon on shoes, mirrors, dresses.... in hair... ribbon. LOTS of ribbon... on everything. The girlier the better.

I love ballet. Did you know that? I danced and I love the discipline and the gracefulness. I love that people think that they could do it, but it is SO hard that they never could.

I love lots of things.. try sharing somethings that you love. You don't have to share them here, but challenge yourself to think outside the box and find out what you love.

Think about them, write them down and thank God for them.

He loves YOU! I do know that!!

Here's What I Love!

I love it when you figure out that you are not the only one stuggling with things in this life and that, after all, you are almost NORMAL! That's what I love.

I love friends who are not afraid to admit that they struggle too and they will write you e-mails or call you just to give you one BIG "AMEN SISTER CAN I GET A WITNESS I AM RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AND I THANK GOD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!" Oh, I love that. People who are REAL!

I also love it when God works things for His good (like He promised in His Word! Hello!!!!!! Why does it surprise me EVERY time?? huh?) and He shows up in such clear and amazing ways that I just have to sit down and shut up.

And I love when God speaks directly from His Word to MY situation that I think no one on the planet even cares about. The God of Creation and the God of the Universe pays attention to my little, insignificant self and He cares. I really love that.

I love chocolate.

I love my husband who just makes me laugh.

I love my Caroline.

I love church. And I love it when somebody that I have never noticed before in church just stands up in worship and praises the Lord. I LOVE to see people unashamedly lift their hands to the Father as they surrender any pride and just plain worship. I LOVE worship. I love to worship God.

I love not cooking.

I love comfy jeans and comfy pj's.

I love friends who call just to say, "Hey, are you cooking? What are you cooking? Do you like cooking?"

I love to shop.

I love my mom and dad.

I love friends who DO cook and then invite me over. I really love that.

I love it when kids are outside all day and they run and play and get so tired that they can hardly stand up. I love when they have so much fun with friends that they can't stop talking about all that they did and they feel totally accepted and unjudged and... well, like a kid. I love it that they make up games and get mad when someone doesn't follow the rules because they didn't know the rules because they made up the game.. just a minute ago.

I don't really know why I wrote this down. I love the fact that I have the freedom to do so. I also love that I am at the point in my life where I only care about what God thinks. I don't really care if people think I am conservative, weird or a Jesus freak. I love that God has shown me who I am in Him and that He is all that I need.

What do you love?

I love you!
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Perspective

As you can imagine, my sweet husband has been drug through the mud with me in this whole discipline deal with Caroline.

(Oh yes, Caroline, by the way, had a pretty good day considering she disobeyed her teacher one time that I know of... no girl with an independent streak is perfect so we will beam with joy over our "pretty good day"... to quote the teacher.)

(Who, by the way, deserves a new HOUSE or a trip to HAWAII after her year with one Caroline Rose Guinn. Seriously.)

So back to the husband.

We were discussing the trials and tribulations that we have had with this little person and he said that as he has prayed and sought the Lord on her behalf (because somedays it really is the only way she has made it through the day!) he has realized that perhaps the Lord is trying to teach US something through HER rebellion.

Well, I was convinced that the lesson was something like "I am repaying you for all the junk YOU, Melissa Guinn, pulled when you were little.. especially when you hit middle school! I mean I seriously had the attitude from the pit.. just ask my mom. Poor Steve is just being drug along because he was, like, PERFECT!" (Just ask HIS mom.)

He says no. My husband believes that each time Caroline acts like a crazy person that the Lord is trying to get our attention in some way. He said that each time he has to discipline her he thinks about how we are not on a good budget. He also thinks about other things that we have said that we will do but have only done half heartedly or not at all.

Then we remember something that we heard Dr. Rummage say... "Partial obedience is complete disobedience."

Oh my.

Never let it be said that God does not use people or situations in the lives of others to convict us!!
I REALLY hope we learn some lessons soon so that our little one can stop the maddness. Maybe if WE truly submit so will she!! I pray it's so. Otherwise I am headed for an early grave.
Monday, January 21, 2008

So THAT'S why!

Well, I have been wondering about the whole "Prune or Punish" thing and why God is speaking to me, oh so often, about it. No one really reads this thing so I am just going to put it out there! My Caroline has been a total terror these past few days!! I really don't like it when people put their kids or husbands down on their blogs, but this is truth and reality. Ain't no puttin' down here! Just the facts, ma'am.

Last Friday the teacher called me in the middle of the day to say that Caroline (who is only 6 1/2 and in K-5, and has some processing difficulties) was not listening to one thing that they said, and that they were keeping her in from music class (which she ADORES!) while the other children went on to sing their little hearts out. She wanted to know if I could go to the school. She would be lying on her nap towel until I arrived.

Well, you better believe it! As a matter of fact, I called my husband to say that he just needed to know that I was about to spank our one and only child in public. (She attends school at our church and there are many people there that we know and love. They also know our Caroline and would probably be bothered by what they saw from his lovely wife... so he needed to know. This is the same sweet man that talked with Caroline before we left home about listening and then prayed with her that God would just help her in her time of need. Bless his sweet heart.)

I also called my friend (that I was meeting in a few minutes) to say that I would be a few minutes late! I needed to spank my child. She totally understood.

I then called another friend who has 3 children. They are sweet children, but they are children and I knew she has been where I was (probably under different circumstances, but still.) and I knew she would have words of wisdom that did not include the words kill or mangle.

I explained the situation in that hypothetical sort of tone. "Suppose one of your children's teachers called and said that your child was actin' the total fool at school and that they would like for you to show up to help deal with this. What would you do? And by the way, I am in my car rightthisminute and I am about 5 minutes away so talk fast!" She got it. She talked me down from the ledge pointing out that my precious angel was already being punished so I probably didn't need to spank her. (I mean, girls, I already had my hand raised in the car!) She had great advice and I am really glad I called. Cooler heads prevailed, and for that I am thankful.

So I explained to my sweet Caroline that when she got home she would indeed go to her room for a while and that the rest of the day had better be PERFECT or she would most certainly have a tanned hide.

Well, the next day was Saturday and one would think that a day at home with mom and dad would be more than enough attention for one girl to stand. We played a game with her, went shopping together, went out to lunch and the grocery store all in one day and all day just the three of us. She disobeyed us at every turn. Girlfriend would run away, do things to intentionally get herself in trouble and just plain would not listen. She spent time in her room (on several occasions) had things taken away and even got her little bottom popped once.

It's simple. She isn't saved. She does not know the One who can change her heart and life into one of conviction and obedience. Yes, it is still a choice on our part and we definitely choose to obey even if we have know Jesus for our entire lives, but there is no escaping the conviction of the Holy Spirit as He moves in our lives. We might still sin and have times of rebellion, but we don't enjoy it near as much.

So... I am praying for this kid. She IS precious. I DO love her. I am so proud that she is mine.
Friday, January 18, 2008

Pruned or Punished?

"Discipline is when God deals with the sin in your life. Pruning is when God deals with the 'self' in your life."

This statement has stayed on my heart and mind for the last couple of hours. I heard it from a pastor on the radio tonight. It made me begin to think about myself and how God is dealing with me right now. I believe that I am being pruned.

When something is pruned the weaker fruit or branch is removed from the vine or tree so that the stronger branches/fruit can grow even stronger. You know, you get all of that little underbrush out so that the fertilizer can go to nourish the stronger, more beautiful trees.

Now do not get me wrong. The Lord definitely disciplines me too, but lately I am sensing more of a pruning. Neither are pleasant or easy. Both require me to face the fact that I am not who God wants me to be and He wants to take something away from my life that is not for my benefit.

Well, truth be known, I sometimes like the things in my life! It's really comfortable sometimes. Honestly, sin use to be really fun! I don't always want to lose those little weak branches. They have been with me for a long time and if I lose them I am going to be awfully bare! Change is not fun. It's painful. It's hard and it requires more of me than I am sometimes willing to give. I don't always trust that the thing being pruned really needs to leave and so I hold onto it.

But when you tell God that you are willing to live for Him, well, honey, He just won't take second place to all of that! Oh no sir! He will get busy cleaning and pruning and He won't stop until He has you so clean that you can't imagine going back to being dirty. You don't want to go back. You want more of Him and less of you to show in your life and so the pruning process begins. After all He IS the Almighty God and those little branches of prideful nature and ego and self righteousness just have no place in the fruit that is suppose to be on our trees.

Frankly, I am glad that God both prunes and punishes me. Were it not for His hand in my life I am sure that I would be somewhere drowning in my own sin. My pride would be eating me alive and my self righteous behavior would be killing me. I deal with all of this even though I know the One who cleanses me from all unrighteousness and so He can't stop!

Lord, please don't stop pruning! I need You to work in my heart and life to make me who You want me to be. I can not do this on my own. I do not know how to clear out all of the little branches that steal my energy and joy by myself. You are the only one who can show me how to surrender to You daily. You are the only One who can show me how to lay down my sin and follow You. Lord, I am prideful and I need Your forgiveness. I am a sinner and I need Your forgiveness everyday.

John 15:1-4
" I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."

What about you? Are you allowing God to prune you? Is He working in your life to change some "self"things and make you more like Him? Praise Him! He has His hand on you and that is exactly where you want to be!! In the palm of your Maker's hand!! It may be painful for a little while, but He is also the Great Physician. He can heal all wounds and make you stronger than you've ever been!
Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hiding Behind the Masks

On a street, here in our town, there is a house with a car port. It is in a neighborhood that is on a main road near our church and the neighborhood has been there for a long time. The houses are older and some of them look pretty well kept, while others could use a little TLC. This one could use a little TLC.

Every time I pass this particular house I can't help but notice that there is a bamboo looking, roll up shade that is hanging in front of this carport. Behind the shade is a carport full of junk. Lawnmowers, boxes, tools, and who knows what all is just piled up there in the carport. It is spilling over the sides of the carport into the yard and hanging out underneath the shade. It is just a big pile of junk!

The funny thing is that whoever lives there knows full well that the carport is full of junk that no one wants to look at. Why else would they have the shade? They are putting up some sort of attempt to mask the mess that lies within their yard. And you let the wind blow just a little... well, that little shade flies out and you can see it all!!

The other funny thing is that I wonder who they think they are fooling?

Christians are just like that house with the pile of junk, ya know? SO many times we go through really hard times, and we will go to church and pretend that every little thing is just rosy! But you let one person cross us, say something wrong or hurt our feelings in the least and here comes the junk... just spilling over into our yard for everyone to see!!

Thing is... if that person (with the house) would go through the junk pile, little by little, and deal with the mess they would have an entire room outside to park a car or sit and enjoy the night sky and feel much more together. Hiding the junk behind the shade does nothing but emphasize the fact that there's a pile of junk there!

It's the same with us! The masks that we wear at church or in front of others does nothing but emphasize the fact that we have not really allowed Jesus to deal with all of our junk!! If we would allow Jesus access to every part of our house... every closet, every drawer, every nook and cranny... and if we would allow Him to take every piece of junk and deal with it little by little... imagine how free we would be!

There would be room for love and joy. We would be more patient and have the capacity to be kind. We would be more gentle with our loved ones and have peace that passes all understanding. We would be able to get our minds off of ourselves and do good to those around us. We would be able to control our actions and our mouths easier because our minds would be free from... well, the Junk!

I don't know about you, but I hate clutter. I have more of it than I would like to admit. And what I really hate is when my mind and heart are so full of junk that I can't be who God has called me to be.

Lord help us to come out from behind the masks and live as You call us to! Help me to give You all of me. Help me to trust You with all of my junk, Lord. You already know about all of it so who am I fooling?? Certainly not You! Thank you that You know me and my junk and for loving me all the same!! I love You Lord!
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maybe I Know What the Temptation Was!

Ok, in view of the earlier blog that I wrote this morning I think I know the temptation.

Oh, I hate admitting my weaknesses, but I got to thinking about what is tempting me and I have come to a conclusion that I sometimes get insecure in my relationships and I worry about them!!

Like I really, really worry.

So, over and over again God has to remind me that He is in control, I am not to worry about what I am to wear, eat, etc. because worry does not add one cubit to my life. He also reminds me (over and over again!!) that I am loved and that He is bigger than any insecurity that the enemy could ever plant in my mind.

So at this point I think I am being reminded (AGAIN! Oh my word for the millionth time!) that I need to flee the tempation to worry and that I need to run to my Strong Tower of Refuge and Strenth who is my Rear Guard and my Hiding Place. I need to allow Him to hold me in the cleft of His Rock and to cover me with His mighty right hand.

No worrying!!

And.. beware lest another temptation crouches at the door... in the name of Jesus Christ the ememy NEVER EVER WINS!

Somebody wants to say there is a God in heaven!! Amen!! I am about to run a lap around the cul-de-sac outside just to praise Him! He is victorious!!

HOW does He do that?

Yesterday I was riding along in my car listening to a pastor on the radio. He was preaching on the temptation of Jesus and made the very clear parallel to our own lives. He said that if satan would tempt Jesus then who are we to think that we would never be tempted to sin?

Good point.

Today, I get up to have my quite time and I decided to do our normal Sunday school curriculum(which rocks the house! oh my word) and then I decided to do a page in a Beth Moore devotional that I have had for a while and I pick up every now and then.

The scripture? Matthew 4:1-11. Jesus tempted by satan in the desert. What IN the world?

SOOOO... today I was riding along in my car listening to the same pastor as yesterday. Turns out he is doing a SERIES of sermons on temptation and he was encouraging the listeners to be in the Word, know the Word, hide it in your hearts! ( the exact words that Beth Moore had written in the devotion that I read this morning!)

You know, I have always heard that when God says something in the scripture more than once it was so people would know that He was really expecting us to listen. Or when He called out to someone and used their names twice in a row ("Samuel, Samuel...") He was really trying to get their attention.

You think He is trying to get mine? Uh, yea, I do.

Has He done that to you lately? Is there something that you have just seemed to hear over and over again? Take heed! He is trying to get your attention and we are wise to listen!

I do not know what temptation I might face in the coming days, but I am so thankful that He has gotten my attention. Maybe it won't catch me off guard quite as bad and I can resist through the power of His Holy Spirit. In my flesh I would definitely fail!!

It's so great to know that God is on our side, isn't it? If you do not know Him as Savior and Lord I would love to share with you how you CAN! He loves you so much and He wants to protect you from the enemy. He loves us so much that He came to die so that we could know life!

I am praying for you sisters!
Sunday, January 6, 2008

Crackin' Me UP!

Okay, so today we went to church (i LOVE church!) and after church we went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant with some friends. We were eating and the waitress comes up to get unused plates, check on us with drinks... you know, do the waitress thing! Well, as she is standing there my daughter asks, " Do you speak Spanish?"

I kid you not.

This poor Japanese lady is trying to figure out what my kid just said. "Excuse me? No, I no speak Spanish." she said.

I did what any good mother would do. I acted like I didn't hear it. The lady just walked away.

Yesterday we were at a birthday party at the skating rink. The little girl having the party was opening gifts and my daughter was skating around the room trying to get use to her skates.. until the little girl got to our gift. Caroline stopped skating, stood right in front of her as she tore into the package, asked if she liked it and then said, " Can you say thank you?"

I really wanted to just crawl under the table as everyone laughed.

I use to pride myself on the fact that nothing ever really embarrassed me. I think the Lord might be using my child to change some of that pride! oh goodness!