So THAT'S why!

Well, I have been wondering about the whole "Prune or Punish" thing and why God is speaking to me, oh so often, about it. No one really reads this thing so I am just going to put it out there! My Caroline has been a total terror these past few days!! I really don't like it when people put their kids or husbands down on their blogs, but this is truth and reality. Ain't no puttin' down here! Just the facts, ma'am.

Last Friday the teacher called me in the middle of the day to say that Caroline (who is only 6 1/2 and in K-5, and has some processing difficulties) was not listening to one thing that they said, and that they were keeping her in from music class (which she ADORES!) while the other children went on to sing their little hearts out. She wanted to know if I could go to the school. She would be lying on her nap towel until I arrived.

Well, you better believe it! As a matter of fact, I called my husband to say that he just needed to know that I was about to spank our one and only child in public. (She attends school at our church and there are many people there that we know and love. They also know our Caroline and would probably be bothered by what they saw from his lovely wife... so he needed to know. This is the same sweet man that talked with Caroline before we left home about listening and then prayed with her that God would just help her in her time of need. Bless his sweet heart.)

I also called my friend (that I was meeting in a few minutes) to say that I would be a few minutes late! I needed to spank my child. She totally understood.

I then called another friend who has 3 children. They are sweet children, but they are children and I knew she has been where I was (probably under different circumstances, but still.) and I knew she would have words of wisdom that did not include the words kill or mangle.

I explained the situation in that hypothetical sort of tone. "Suppose one of your children's teachers called and said that your child was actin' the total fool at school and that they would like for you to show up to help deal with this. What would you do? And by the way, I am in my car rightthisminute and I am about 5 minutes away so talk fast!" She got it. She talked me down from the ledge pointing out that my precious angel was already being punished so I probably didn't need to spank her. (I mean, girls, I already had my hand raised in the car!) She had great advice and I am really glad I called. Cooler heads prevailed, and for that I am thankful.

So I explained to my sweet Caroline that when she got home she would indeed go to her room for a while and that the rest of the day had better be PERFECT or she would most certainly have a tanned hide.

Well, the next day was Saturday and one would think that a day at home with mom and dad would be more than enough attention for one girl to stand. We played a game with her, went shopping together, went out to lunch and the grocery store all in one day and all day just the three of us. She disobeyed us at every turn. Girlfriend would run away, do things to intentionally get herself in trouble and just plain would not listen. She spent time in her room (on several occasions) had things taken away and even got her little bottom popped once.

It's simple. She isn't saved. She does not know the One who can change her heart and life into one of conviction and obedience. Yes, it is still a choice on our part and we definitely choose to obey even if we have know Jesus for our entire lives, but there is no escaping the conviction of the Holy Spirit as He moves in our lives. We might still sin and have times of rebellion, but we don't enjoy it near as much.

So... I am praying for this kid. She IS precious. I DO love her. I am so proud that she is mine.


amy said…
btw...i read your blog and i love it. not as much as i love you and your caroline but i do love it.

i have things to tell you my friend, things to tell you. we should talk ;).
Amy E. said…
okay, so I read your blog too! Nicki K. fusses at me for not leaving comments :) so I'm going to try to be better at that so you'll know people are reading it!
I'll be praying for little Liney, and for patience for you guys too. Noah has been fired up all weekend too -- I think the snow/ice had something to do with always used to make me hyper/excited.....well, for that matter it still does. I've probably been a little more frisky myself these past few days! :) Seriously though, if I'd gotten a call from Noah's teacher, I'd probably have been the same way...when it's our own child, we're just harder on them and I'm so glad you had some sweet friends to call before you got to Caroline!
I'll be praying that this week will go much better. Love you!
Emily said…
Well, maybe there's just the three of us but I also read your blog faithfully :) Thanks for always being so honest--this is one reason why I continue to read it. Why is it that these things are always funnier when they are happening to some other Mommy?

I'm with Amy E.--I think the cold weather and the fact that we are all locked up inside all day is making everybody a little restless. I so needed to read this today bec. I LOST it with my Eli yesterday and today. . . I was just thinking about this earlier--I have never felt more dependent on God than I have since my babies have become toddlers who like to test. God reminds me again and again of his patience and love toward me after I have repeatedly flown off the handle over something trivial.

Anyway, please pray for me as I will be praying for you (and Caroline) right now. Love you and your blog :)
Melissa said…
wow! You girls encouraged me so much today! I love you guys and really appreciate your kind words. I tell ya... I was reminded today by the mother of a 19 year old who is rebelling that Caroline IS only 6.5 and to cut her some slack. I really needed to hear all that everyone has said... it helps me to know that I am not alone! I just sometimes feel that I am the ONLY one dealing with hard things because we are in our own little world of school, supper, homework, bath and bed time over and over again! I just needed to know that I am not the only one. You guys ROCK! (am I 12 or what?)
Love you!

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