A Little Perspective

As you can imagine, my sweet husband has been drug through the mud with me in this whole discipline deal with Caroline.

(Oh yes, Caroline, by the way, had a pretty good day considering she disobeyed her teacher one time that I know of... no girl with an independent streak is perfect so we will beam with joy over our "pretty good day"... to quote the teacher.)

(Who, by the way, deserves a new HOUSE or a trip to HAWAII after her year with one Caroline Rose Guinn. Seriously.)

So back to the husband.

We were discussing the trials and tribulations that we have had with this little person and he said that as he has prayed and sought the Lord on her behalf (because somedays it really is the only way she has made it through the day!) he has realized that perhaps the Lord is trying to teach US something through HER rebellion.

Well, I was convinced that the lesson was something like "I am repaying you for all the junk YOU, Melissa Guinn, pulled when you were little.. especially when you hit middle school! I mean I seriously had the attitude from the pit.. just ask my mom. Poor Steve is just being drug along because he was, like, PERFECT!" (Just ask HIS mom.)

He says no. My husband believes that each time Caroline acts like a crazy person that the Lord is trying to get our attention in some way. He said that each time he has to discipline her he thinks about how we are not on a good budget. He also thinks about other things that we have said that we will do but have only done half heartedly or not at all.

Then we remember something that we heard Dr. Rummage say... "Partial obedience is complete disobedience."

Oh my.

Never let it be said that God does not use people or situations in the lives of others to convict us!!
I REALLY hope we learn some lessons soon so that our little one can stop the maddness. Maybe if WE truly submit so will she!! I pray it's so. Otherwise I am headed for an early grave.


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