Maybe I Know What the Temptation Was!

Ok, in view of the earlier blog that I wrote this morning I think I know the temptation.

Oh, I hate admitting my weaknesses, but I got to thinking about what is tempting me and I have come to a conclusion that I sometimes get insecure in my relationships and I worry about them!!

Like I really, really worry.

So, over and over again God has to remind me that He is in control, I am not to worry about what I am to wear, eat, etc. because worry does not add one cubit to my life. He also reminds me (over and over again!!) that I am loved and that He is bigger than any insecurity that the enemy could ever plant in my mind.

So at this point I think I am being reminded (AGAIN! Oh my word for the millionth time!) that I need to flee the tempation to worry and that I need to run to my Strong Tower of Refuge and Strenth who is my Rear Guard and my Hiding Place. I need to allow Him to hold me in the cleft of His Rock and to cover me with His mighty right hand.

No worrying!!

And.. beware lest another temptation crouches at the door... in the name of Jesus Christ the ememy NEVER EVER WINS!

Somebody wants to say there is a God in heaven!! Amen!! I am about to run a lap around the cul-de-sac outside just to praise Him! He is victorious!!


Valarie said…
"THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN!!" You know I'll say it with you girl!

It's no coincidence that just yesterday Lisa and I were discussing worry - a mutual friend was worried about a job situation - and Lisa says "Do you know how disrespectful it is to God for us to worry?" OUCH!!!!! I had never thought of it that way before, but LAND SAKES, hit me in the head with a 2 X 4!!! I feel your pain sweet sister. It's a lie the enemy wants us to believe. We need to worry because isn't....or God doesn't...or God can't....! Now we know those words are even in His vocabulary!! WHOA!

Thanks for this today!
I love ya girl!
Melissa said…
It certainly is an interesting warning on my part. I am not sure that this is the ONLY thing that I will be tempted with... especially because I heard the warning 3-4 times! But it did wake me up to the fact that worrying isn't honoring God in the least. I have known that for a long time, but I need to be reminded obviously!
Thanks for the encouragement!
Love you!

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