A Whole Lot of Nothingness

Well, once again there's not much going on in my life. The last time I wrote about having nothing to write my friends picked on me about my amazing ability to write an entire blog about having nothing to say.

Aren't they funny? At least in THEIR world they are. I am glad I can keep them amused. It's my job in life. Apparently. (I do not know what I would do without you so go ahead. Joke. I'm fine. Really. I am. I will send you the therapy bill.) :)

Don't get me wrong. I am always amazed at how God is speaking and all that He is doing in my life through reading His Word and prayer. He is active and working daily and I am so excited about that!! I love the Lord! He has plans for us that are beyond all that we imagine. Today has just been one of those not so exciting days... that's all.

For example... We went to the dentist today. Doesn't THAT thrill your soul. One thing I can say about pediatric dentists is that those people EARN every single red cent that they are payed. I mean they work it girls! They are being silly and standing on their heads if they have to just to get these 5 & 6 year olds to cooperate. We watched fish in a tank, wore sun glasses, played in the play area and wore a funny apron to have x-rays today. It worked! See, I have the kid who threw up in the parking lot the last time we went to have her teeth looked at! Yes, before we even went in the door girlfriend puked in the driveway. Special. So to say that the actually got an x-ray from my kid is saying a lot!

Other things of interest? Well, we went to Panera after the dentist. PANERA! My kid chose that over Chic-fil-a people! What is THAT about??

My mother-in-law had foot surgery. She's doing fine thanks.

Our neighbor put their house on the market today. I am praying for a Christian family with a couple of kids that will be a great influence on my kid to move in. And I need for the mom to be super cool with lots of good recipes to share, and she needs to love to talk. And shop. And eat. And I would love for the dad to be the brainy sort that loves Jesus 100% so that my husband could totally connect with him. It would be great if he loved NC State too. And enjoyed playing golf. I know God can handle such a request. Thing is... He is more interested in my holiness than my happiness so I will have to wait to see what He brings our way. A little happiness God?? Just a little?

Ummm.... okay. That's it. Thrilling, isnt it? Can you stand the excitement? I don't know if I can. So I hope your life is a lot more exciting than mine. Maybe you can leave me a comment about your exciting life. It will give the reader something to read. And the writer.

Sleep good my bloggy friends. Maybe tomorrow will bring more excitement. IN the mean time be listening for that still, small voice. In the midst of the excitement He is there.. waiting for us to hear and obey His commands. In the dentists office, in the grocery store, in the car... He is there and He is loving you. And I do too.


Emily said…
Wow, now that was an exciting read :) I'm not sure my day can top that. Let's see, we left the house once today, to go the YMCA. I was listening to "High Praise" on our choir CD on the way there and I swear, I felt like I was just going to jump off of the treadmill that song makes me so happy! After that, we played outside and I worked on Ebay stuff while the kiddos took naps. Tonight, I watched American Idol and am now about to fall asleep. See, I told you my day was exciting too!
JenB said…
Well, we started potty training a little guy, so that was fun. We went to 3 stores looking for another potty for downstairs. Fun too. Then home for lunch and naps. Oh, my mom came to watch the kids so I could go out with my nursing school girlfriends---SO much fun. So I guess my day was just fun all around.
Melissa said…
aaahhhhh... the life of the stay-at-home mom! Changing the world with these big decisions. Actually we are changing little worlds! Ultimately those naps and that potty training will help our future leaders be well adjusted. :) I am so glad there is just amazing excitement in the homes of others like there is in mine!
Valarie said…
Be still and know girlfriend!!
Thanks for having lunch with me!!
I love you even on the boring days! hahaha

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