Crackin' Me UP!

Okay, so today we went to church (i LOVE church!) and after church we went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant with some friends. We were eating and the waitress comes up to get unused plates, check on us with drinks... you know, do the waitress thing! Well, as she is standing there my daughter asks, " Do you speak Spanish?"

I kid you not.

This poor Japanese lady is trying to figure out what my kid just said. "Excuse me? No, I no speak Spanish." she said.

I did what any good mother would do. I acted like I didn't hear it. The lady just walked away.

Yesterday we were at a birthday party at the skating rink. The little girl having the party was opening gifts and my daughter was skating around the room trying to get use to her skates.. until the little girl got to our gift. Caroline stopped skating, stood right in front of her as she tore into the package, asked if she liked it and then said, " Can you say thank you?"

I really wanted to just crawl under the table as everyone laughed.

I use to pride myself on the fact that nothing ever really embarrassed me. I think the Lord might be using my child to change some of that pride! oh goodness!


Valarie said…

Kayley got me this morning too. A little Chinese lady walked by us and she looks at me clasps her sweet little baby girl hands like she's going to pray, bows to me and goes "Konechewa". (Have no idea how to spell that but it means hello in Japanese)!!! I ABOUT DIED!!

Once we went into Azteca - the Mexican place - and as we're walking to our table Chase turns around and shouts over his brother and sister's heads "Mom, I sure hope they don't have any lacoocarachas here!!" Yes, Spanish for cockroach!!! (don't know how to spell that one either!)

Girl here's the tag God should put on our kids when we deliver them, "Children, made to keep you humble!!" teehee
Love ya.
Melissa said…
I just NEVER know what she is going to do next!!

Kayley... what a cutie pie!!

It really is funny. She is just being Caroline. Lawsey days!
Leigh Gray said…
oh how i miss that Liney girl!! what cute things she must be so often!! hope you are doing well too!!


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