What to say?

I am one of those people who really likes to talk. My friend, Faith, cracks on me all the time that I do not know how to leave a short message on the answering machine. I mean I need to tell you that I called, why I called and a little about it, and then I need to tell you to call me back so we can discuss it. Some more. SO I can talk more.

Earlier today I sat down at the computer, pulled up the blog "create" area and just sat and stared at the screen. Weird, huh? Well, I think so. I mean, considering that I can talk to a brick wall until it decided to talk back ...it's really strange that I had absolutely nothing to say. I usually pride myself on never meeting a stranger and the fact that I can talk to about anyone, but today... not so much.

You know what though? I woke up late and had to get a shower to go to school (instead of my usual... pull my hair back, wash my face, put on sweats and tennis shoes and head down for my QT) because my daughter's class was singing in chapel. I didn't get to have my QT and so many times when that happens my day is pretty much out o' whack.

I had a good day. I didn't argue with my husband. Caroline was SO cute in chapel (she was dancing on stage while the class sang... to the beat.. and it wasn't rehearsed or anything... she was just moving to the beat.. and no one else was even moving. Did she care? Oh, but no! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! We were laughing so hard at her.) I had lunch with my friend Amy after planning for a fun girly tea that we are hosting at the church... I mean... it was a good day.

It's just that my time with God gives me purpose. It gives me something to say and something to think about all day. It gives me something to ponder and makes me consider things of life in a different light. When I don't spend time with Him... well, I stare at an empty computer screen.

Sad, isn't it?

So tomorrow HAS to be different. I can't go one day without time with the Father or my life is just meaningless. I know life goes on and things will happen in spite of what I do with my time, but I don't want them to just HAPPEN! I want them to have purpose! I want to be able to see God's hand in my day and without time in His word I don't know how to see His hand.

The other day one of my friends prayed that God would begin to order her steps. She said that she wanted it to be SO clear that God was showing her the next step to take in her life (and in her day) that there was no denying that it was Him. Well, she was working and a friend called to tell her about a new Bible study that had just started on Wednesday nights at church. She said that she was torn because she really loves to listen to our pastor preach, but the Bible study sounded so great! She started telling someone else at work about her dilemma as she was ringing up a customer.

"I just don't know what to do! I have heard that the class is REALLY good, but I don't want to miss the preaching. " she said.
"Well," the customer interrupted," Is it at Hickory Grove?"
"Yes, it is actually!"
"Well," replied the customer, " I TEACH the class! I have a book for you in my car!"

See girls.. that didn't JUST HAPPEN! That was totally God aligning her steps with His will. That's what I want!! But it won't happen unless I spend time in prayer and in His Word! There was no doubting that He was directing her path and I want that for me!!

Not just some stare into space, speechless, mindless life!

I gotta go! I gotta get in the WORD!


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