HOW does He do that?

Yesterday I was riding along in my car listening to a pastor on the radio. He was preaching on the temptation of Jesus and made the very clear parallel to our own lives. He said that if satan would tempt Jesus then who are we to think that we would never be tempted to sin?

Good point.

Today, I get up to have my quite time and I decided to do our normal Sunday school curriculum(which rocks the house! oh my word) and then I decided to do a page in a Beth Moore devotional that I have had for a while and I pick up every now and then.

The scripture? Matthew 4:1-11. Jesus tempted by satan in the desert. What IN the world?

SOOOO... today I was riding along in my car listening to the same pastor as yesterday. Turns out he is doing a SERIES of sermons on temptation and he was encouraging the listeners to be in the Word, know the Word, hide it in your hearts! ( the exact words that Beth Moore had written in the devotion that I read this morning!)

You know, I have always heard that when God says something in the scripture more than once it was so people would know that He was really expecting us to listen. Or when He called out to someone and used their names twice in a row ("Samuel, Samuel...") He was really trying to get their attention.

You think He is trying to get mine? Uh, yea, I do.

Has He done that to you lately? Is there something that you have just seemed to hear over and over again? Take heed! He is trying to get your attention and we are wise to listen!

I do not know what temptation I might face in the coming days, but I am so thankful that He has gotten my attention. Maybe it won't catch me off guard quite as bad and I can resist through the power of His Holy Spirit. In my flesh I would definitely fail!!

It's so great to know that God is on our side, isn't it? If you do not know Him as Savior and Lord I would love to share with you how you CAN! He loves you so much and He wants to protect you from the enemy. He loves us so much that He came to die so that we could know life!

I am praying for you sisters!


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