Cleaning House

You know how it is.. cleaning house I mean... like you don't WANT to do it, but if you don't DSS will come get your kids because the bathroom could seriously cause some sort of dysentery.

Like some form of a virus that has never been invented might just start with YOUR house because the floor hasn't been mopped and those germs are just a breedin' into some serious illness.

Oh, I do not like it... at all.

If for nothing more than the guilt and mental anguish just because it hasn't been done and I know it's my responsibility.

I DO love a clean house though. When the floors shine and the bathroom is not screaming disease at me... i DO love that. Another thing I love... a clean house.

Cleaning also gives me time to think. I think about my marriage, my kid, my friends, my QT, my parents, my in-laws... I mean I just think and think and think about things. In someways I guess cleaning is good for me in lots of ways. It gets me motivated. It makes me get more organized. I have to put things in their place and I am able to FIND things. (imagine that!) It makes me feel that I have accomplished something and makes me feel better about myself.

I guess this entry is meaningless to most unless you are responsible for the cleaning at your house. Cleaning... it's hard to get motivated, but when you do and it's done...well, go out to dinner so you can come home and pretend the maid came!! If it's not your job to clean... thank the person who does. All of that grime is really nasty, and they really have to get nasty to get it clean.

Now my sister-in-law... girlfriends! She is the queen of clean. She cleans silver (oh, yes she does) and she knows how to get the worst stuff out of things and off of things. It is amazing. I never really knew anyone so into cleaning before I met her, but she knows her stuff. My mother-in-law is really into clean too and my sister-in-law actually introduced her to some new products at Christmas!!

Yes! Gave them to her as gifts!

On Christmas morning! Yes, she did! I mean Mr. Clean erasers, girls. For her mother-in-law. At Christmas.

I almost died. My mouth was hanging wide open. Your's might be too. It's ok. I know. It's a little over the top. I mean give her something unique... not something she can run get at the Harris Teeter this afternoon.

Not being ugly... I'm just sayin'.

So, here's to a clean house! I am thankful that I have one to clean!!


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