The Conversation...

... that won't leave my mind.

She's seven years old. She's tiny. She attends school with my daughter. She's needing help with her reading and so I go to her school to read with her and a few others.

We sit down to read a book together. As I point to the title she says...

Her- Hey, do you do your daughter's hair... everyday?

Me- Yes, sweetie. Why?

Pause... eyes looking at the floor and then to my hair.

Her- That's cool. My dad does mine. My mom doesn't live there.

Me- Well, your dad does a great job because every time I've seen you I've thought you were beautiful.

Little grin.

Her- I see my mom on weekends. Sometimes. Sometimes she's too busy.

Me- Well, that's great that you get to see her. She lives here? Near by?

Her- Yeah. I live with my dad and my aunt and my uncle and my cousins. We are going to move though. You won't see me. I will be at another school.

Me- WHAT? How will I read with you?  I will miss you so much.

Her- I know. You know my dad can wash my hair and he can fix it. Not like mom, but he can do it.

Me- Do you miss your mom?

Her- Sometimes. I have sisters. We all have different dads. My oldest sister's dad died. Then my mom had another girl. Then she had me. We don't all live together.

Me- That's cool that you have sisters. I have always wanted a sister.

Her- I guess. My mom lives with my stepdad now. I don't like him.

Me- I'm sorry honey. I am sure it's hard.

Her- No. I just live with my dad. That's all.

And I am suppose to help her read a book about a cat that has a hat that's too big!? Like she cares about that! Like she wants to read at all! Her little heart is longing for someone to love her. A mom to love her.

Oh LORD! What have we done as a nation to YOUR children? They are too grown up too fast because of our reckless lives! They hurt at such a young age. They long for relationships to be consistent and loving and a reflection of Your love! HOW CAN WE NOT SEE?? We are so selfish. We are so self consumed! We miss the fact that these little eyes are watching our every move and they are being crushed by the pressure. Please, Lord! Love this little one through me. Help her to see that YOU are THE constant source of love for all of us. Forgive us Lord! Please! We are so blind God! Wake us up and help  us to see Your plan for our lives! Protect our children, Lord. Forgive us God!

I will never forget her face... her voice.. her eyes. A child that's hurting because of a broken family and a mom that is too busy. She has made a new impression on my heart that I hope never goes away.

How are you being challenged to love someone in a new way?


Rebecca Jo said…
oh my... that just breaks my heart.

All kids want is stability & to know they are loved... glad you were there for her to know she had a safe place to even talk...

Its these sort of things that you wonder what will happen to this child... but you just cover her with prayer & you wait until Heaven to see the other side of it all...

I'll be sure to say a prayer for this child & so many like her tonight!
Mandy said…
Melissa, this post just makes me want to burst into tears. And turn off my TV. We believers sure do have a big job to do, being God's hands, feet, eyes, ears, and shoulders. God has equipped us to do this job, but we let ourselves get so busy with other things and often let these awesome opportunities to show GOD'S LOVE pass us by!
I feel blessed to know a Godly woman like you who has seen this sweet girl with God's eyes, and is lending her a shoulder and an ear for such a time as this. She won't soon forget the impression you have made.
I want to be a part of this - I will pray for you and this little girl.
Faith said…
I'm so thankful she has had this time with you to pour love and God's truth into her life. You are a blessing!

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