There is a story in the Bible about Jesus healing ten lepers. The men are so overwhelmed with joy over their healing that they run to the town (because they had been exiled) to see their family and friends and to show them what miracle has taken place in their lives. As the men ran away one of them (I'm sure, with tears streaming down his cheeks!)  turns back to Jesus and says, "Thank you!"

That story made a big impression on me a few years back. I know what it means to me when someone says "Thanks"!  I can only imagine what it means to our Lord when He works on our behalf DAILY and we never seem to take the time to thank Him. I am always eager to pray and ask Him for things (over and over again!) but how often do I turn back to thank Him when things go well? OR when the answer is "no" and all I prayed for was an answer! (THAT one is hard!)

I had asked, in my last post, that you join with me in praying for the decision about our girl's vision therapy needs and the possibility of her starting OT again. We were not sure if the doctor would agree to it, but had no idea how we would continue to pay. WELL! God answered!! Her eyes are improving slowly but the doctor felt that it was enough to where she could switch to VT one time a week!!!! He does believe that OT would be necessary so that she does not regress and we are SOOO excited that the OT agreed to take us back!!!!!!!


Last night I went to church and was just so overwhelmed. I am tired. This has been the longest road in trying to determine what is best for her. We are changing meds (AGAIN!). We are trying to figure out how she fits into school and what will work best for her. We have been so worried about our inability to pay for her therapy needs. It has just been A LOT!

Thing is... it's ME wearing ME out! God has her in His hands and He has from the moment she was conceived. Why in the world I let my heart and mind be consumed with all of it I will never know!

So here's my chance to return to the feet of Jesus and say THANK YOU!!!!!! Lord! Thank you so much for knowing our situation before it ever was a situation! Thank you for answering and for helping our family stay out of debt. YOU paid our eternal debt so long ago and we need to trust you more with our everyday issues. Please know that we are eternally grateful for You in the everyday. You provide in more ways than we ever see and we thank you! Thank you for helping our girl to grow and for the maturity that we are seeing. Your timing is not ours and Your ways are not our ways. Help us to praise You even in the waiting! Thank you for answered prayer and please guide us as we continue to walk this road. We love you, Jesus! Amen!


JenB said…
Yay for the news!! And cute bangs on the girl!
Faith said…
Praise be to God!!! So thankful to hear this good news. I know that is a relief for you all. He's still working!
Allison said…
Beautiful Post! Thank you for the opportunity to come along side of another believer and pray. Thank you, Father, for your answered prayers and answering just when we need it most. Amen.
Bella Michelle said…
Y'all are so precious and God is so good! I know the thrill of a test that comes back with positive news after what feels like negative all the time. My DS2 has amblyopia and we just had a huge improvement and I was thrilled.

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