The Decorating BUG!

I must admit that with spring comes spring cleaning and with spring cleaning comes the bug to redecorate the Guinn Inn! I have recently written posts about getting my house in order and it's still a work in progress.

This weekend I bought these cutie little jars to put ribbon, pom pom balls, wiggly eyes and more ribbon in so that my sewing/craft area would be super organized! They have a little edge that allows you to store them on their sides so that you see the shiny lid and you can label your items. They were around $1.50 each each and they come in three sizes. All in a row... super cute! Oh! And I got them at the greatest store EVER! Hobby Lobby!


So have you been to the Hobs Lob lately? Have you seen how many adorable ways that you can have a monogram letter adorning your every ROOM!?!? Oh. MY. WORD.

This one's in my office and it's not a great shot, but I HEART IT! AND it has a ribbon! Oh bless it!


Girl, you can do so many letters around your house that you will just smile when you enter every room!

You can do wooden letters...


And you can do metal letters... that are kind of big but they are awesome!


You can do paper weight letters that sit on your desk...

531830 640599

And adorable hanging letters...


Oh my word... how much do I love them all? This one is a tile!


Wonder which one I will buy next!??!

I also had this filthy, big, white trash can that was really gross and I decided that we could do better than THAT with even the trash can. So ... I need CHEAP! I mean C-H-E-A-P so I decided to head to IKEA to see what they had. How about a cute galvanized pail with a wooden handle for $7?? Yeah, no picture to show you, but trust me! IT'S FAR CUTER THAN THE FILTHY ONE!

Another project that I believe may be in my near future is redoing my daughter's room. My friend, Faith, and I painted it several years ago with pink, purple and blue stripes. It's very cute, but she's not 3 anymore so I am ready to give her a little update!  I found this picture on the internet that may be my inspiration piece!


She has a white iron bed so I was thinking of painting her room a fresh and pretty green color and then adding white (with maybe some pink gingham!) to make it girly! I love how pretty the white and green are together so we shall see!

Oh, I could go on and on with ideas that I have packed inside my 40 year old brain! Unfortunately all of it costs money and it has to be done in stages. AND it can't be done with things being unorganized soo...  ON WITH THE CLEANING!

What are you doing to spruce things up??


Traci said…
I got the big, chunky, black B from there. Love their stuff, especially when it's on sale!
Faith said…
I'm loving that tile - gorgeous! You know I share your affection for the Hob Lob =)

Can't wait to see what you do in Liney's room! I know it will be beautiful!
The Nester said…
Girl, it has been to long! Thanks for stopping by, I'd still love to see you in real life! Want to come over sometime-for real? This time I won't move {i hope!}

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