Hello Three Readers!

Ok! So I am not the most popular blawger on the block! I love all 3 of you that leave me comments though! THANK YOU! I'd like to thank my editor and my publicist and the academy for all of your support! HEE hee! I'm just goshin'! It is really fun to write out my thoughts and if no one reads then it was a fun outlet for me! Some days it's me and the cat at home so this helps me get my words out... ya know??

Well, how about some randomness for today?

I shopped some today. What did I find? NA-DA! ZILCH! Easter is coming people! You GOTTA put something out there worth wearing to church at Easter!! Either it was UGLY, too big, too small (usually the latter!), OLD lookin' (and I just turned 40.. remember? NONE of this looking old business is allowed!) or UGLY! Oh, I mentioned that. So maybe I will have more luck tomorrow when I go try again at a real mall. I hit all of the bargain places today. Everybody already got all the bargains, I guess.

I recently bought a new birdfeeder and we put it in our front yard. We also have a finch feeder in the back yard. Can I tell you that our crazy cat has hit his fool head about 72 times on the windows thinkin' he's gonna eat him a bird?? Bless his little kitty heart! He is going to kill himself. Crazy cat!


He starts breathin' all heavy and he bangs his little tail on the floor like he just CAN NOT STAND IT ANOTHER MINUTE! HE NEEDS A BIRD! And if a squirrel comes... oh it is all over! He almost has a heart attack!

Next week is spring break and I am really excited! We are going to see my parents for a few days so we can get away from the hustle of school and the everyday house stuff. I wish my hubby could come, but somebody has to work around here! I can't tell girlfriend that we are going just yet! She will ask me a thousand times if today's the day we go to Mimi's! I'm sure she's the only kid that does that, right??


Our neighbor sold their stinkin' house! How do you like that? We get some pretty decent neighbors with a kid for my kid to play with and they up and move!! They do speak Spanish and it has been fun to hear my girl learn a few words. I think she has enjoyed hearing their conversations... though she says, "Mama! I can't understand a word they are sayin'!"  I hope somebody that loves Jesus and has 2 kids moves in! THAT would be awesome!!

Well, not only was that random... it was frankly kind of boring. See, that's probably why I have 3 readers.


Traci said…
i've hit dead ends shopping too. who sells skirts anymore? a real skirt not a belt! all i can find are pants. don't they know i have a dress code to uphold?
Rebecca Jo said…
I'm in a panic too about Easter... I have to give the Communion Message too which means I'll be front & center & told my husband that I cant do that on Easter without new clothes! Come one now - what kind of woman am I? haha! But I'm not having luck finding anything ... sigh...

You're poor kitty!!! Maybe you can get a stuffed one for your cat to maul up & make it feel like its doing something ;)

Praying for some good neighbors for you!
Faith said…
I've found my dress, but not Chad's outfit to coordinate - and you know we must work a color scheme!! I know you'll find something and you will look gorgeous!

Love you friend!!
Bella Michelle said…
I am going to ask you a crazy question...did y'all happen to go to the zoo last Thursday? Why, you ask...I took my little man to the zoo and saw a family that I swear I thought was yours but I would dare ask because I thought that might be a little stalkerish (and then I would have to explain to them why I "know" some one from the internet and it just seemed a bit too complicated LOL). Anyway...I hope you had a wonderful spring break trip and a Happy, happy Easter!

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