STILL Decoratin'! And a Little Love...

Well...if the truth be known... I've been writing about decoratin' and decoratin' and decoratin'... BUT at the time the funds are kinda low. You know... I'm po! Not poor... I can't afford the last two letters! I'm plain po.

Sooo... the playroom/bonus room is hanging in the balance while we wait on things to loosen up a bit. The organizing, however, is coming along.... comin' along! I can't wait to move on!

In the mean time I decided that I COULD afford a $4 can of black spray paint! And for years I have really disliked (ok, hated) the bright and shiny, contractor's grade, brassy kitchen light!


I'm pretty sure that every single house in our HUGE neighborhood has one. Unless they have sold them at the bi-yearly neighborhood yard sales we all have this one thing in common... and personally... it just ain't pretty!

Again, I am po and I can not afford to replace said loveliness so I decided to go at it with my $4 can of magic!

Let me know what you think?




Anything was an improvement! Trust me.

In other...and totally unrelated God is really working through the Special Needs Ministry at our church! Not only is God bringing more special needs kids and families, but He's working IN and through our youth as well!

Last weekend we had Disciple Now Weekend where students have a weekend of worship, slumber parties at host homes, eating and more worship. It's really a fun time for everyone involved.

Some of the groups decided to do a service project during their free time on Saturday afternoon. My friend was the leader for 10th grade girls and she brought them to our Special Needs class to help me prepare for Sunday morning.

They cut out baskets for a spring bulletin board...


assembled the board...


and helped prepare crafts for the next morning!


I was so happy to have their help and I got to share about our ministry with girls that are really thinking about what they want to pursue in life. You never know how their service might have impacted them and THEY will never know what their willing hearts mean to the families of students with special needs!

The next morning, during their Sunday school time, they came to see our class, meet our students and then they stood outside our door and PRAYED for us! What an answer to prayer!

It is just amazing how God works through things that you just never dream He might. We opened this class for parents who need a place for their children so that they might be able to participate in being fed through worship and fellowship! I never thought that God might reach these teen girls in some way through this same class. Isn't God amazing!?!?

You know... who cares if that playroom EVER gets painted!? God impresses on me more and more everyday that PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THINGS! It's fun to have something new every once in a while, but when our time and effort are spent serving HIM it really puts things (like paint!) in a new perspective!


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