Parties, Parties Everywhere!

The day after my birthday is my only niece's birthday. Her name is Taylor and her mom and dad decided to have our family and a few neighbors over to celebrate. My brother-in-law and his wife were a little older when they had her, and she's their only one so you can imagine... it was a BIG TA-DO!

Here she is! The stinker of the hour with her precious little "I'm ONE!" shirt and her adorable tu-tu and her amazing hair bow!


Here are her gifts on the buffet in the dining room.. complete with tulle and ribbons! There was also tulle in the doorway when you came in and pink balloons... of course!


Here's her cutie pie little cake... 028

She had a great time with that!!


It was really fun to watch her open gifts with her tu-tu in tow...


We had a fun day celebrating together! I love that we share something special and we will be able to celebrate for years to come!


Oh, and by the way... my sweet hubby and friends that I sing with gave me a little surprise party! It was the sweetest thing and I had NO IDEA!

Here are my CAKES! (Yep, two of them!)


Isn't that adorable??? LOVED IT!!!!!



I was so busy hugging folks and being red as a beet that I only have about 5 pictures and they are ALL of the cake table! Hello!!

I just realized. This is my 3rd blog entry that has included info. about my turning 40. I'll shut up now! :)


Rebecca Jo said…
They totally should have given YOU a tutu to wear! :) haha!!!... how cute is that baby in that pink tutu? Oh my!

Your cake is amazing!!!! What a fun surprise!

And girl - your FABULOUS & Forty - so keep talking about it if you want... afterall, 40 is the new 20 - right?!
JenB said…
Oh my goodness, how cute is Taylor!! I could eat her up!
Faith said…
She is a little doll! Love the pics from all the party-ing =)

Love the new look too! Love you girl!

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