NEED vs. Want

Sometimes it's REALLY easy to distinguish between a real, true "NEED" and things that we just want.

I NEED chocolate! Ok, no. I want chocolate. 

I NEED new clothes. Well, sometimes I do, but on a regular basis? Probably not.

I NEED an I-phone? Actually, no, but it sure would be nice!

And then there are times when your NEED and your WANT are the same, but you just aren't sure how you are going to make that work. That's where we ar right now with our daughter and her NEED for Vision Therapy.

The basis for her need is summed up in this diagnosis:

"Convergence insufficiency, deficiencies of Pursuit of eye movements, deficiencies of saccadic eye movement and fusion with defective stereopsis."


She has attended Vision Therapy, twice a week, to address these issues for 6 months now and we WANT this kid's eyes to be healthy, receive information like they should and help her process information. WE WANT THAT! Oh, how we want that for her!

The problem is that our insurance does not cover vision therapy and my husband took a pay cut. Those things rolled together do not equal enough funds for us to continue with this therapy that she NEEDS and that we WANT!

We have been praying about it and we know that it's not God's will for us to have debt. We have also felt that God has put people into our lives that know TONS more about these things (vision needs, etc.) than we do and they can help her!!! Needless to say this has been just a gut wrenching decision.

One thing about VT is they mix in some occupational therapy to help her work on her balance, coordination, etc. We are hoping that our OT (who DOES accept our insurance!) will have an opening and we may be able to cut back on VT to once a week and then OT once a week.

Could you pray for us? We are just really needing wisdom and discernment and direction and clarity! We know that God is not a God of confusion and we are claiming that He knows the plans He has for her (Jer. 29:11) so we are just hoping to see that plan clearly!

If you leave a comment, would you please let me pray for you as well? I'd be honored to lift you to the feet of the Father and help you leave your burden there! Let me know how I can pray.


JenB said…
I will pray! I know you've had so many difficult decisions to make already.
I like your new blog look! Or maybe it's not new and I'm just seeing it--ha! I usually read in Google Reader.
Allison said…
Prayers going up right now!!! I know what it means to fight insurance. I am visiting through Walk with me by Faith.
Allison said…
I could not find contact info so I am posting it here! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! I think we worked together a several years ago when you were still teaching. It was before we both had children. You can send me a note, if you want.
Faith said…
Praying for y'all! I know you trust the Lord to provide and He will! He hasn't failed any of us yet and I believe He will make a way! Love y'all bunches :)

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