Please Pray

I will apologize from the start because this post will be a little heavy. It's something that I want to write because hopefully it will cause you to think about your loved ones in a new light.

Sometimes there are things that come into our lives that we never expect. Cancer is one of those things. This week we got news that my mother-in-law has a gynocological form of it, and it has stopped me dead in my tracks.

It has been a real shock mainly because she is the healthiest one in my entire family!! She plays tennis on a Senior's team and has amazing arms that I could only dream of having! She eats right. She walks and plays tennis quite a bit. She's healthy!

She is a very talented cook. She is a very talented seamstress who can sew like a fiend! And she's a woman who loves Jesus. Her faith is what has sustained her through the loss of a baby many years ago and the loss of both of her parents. She is organized, has the cleanest house in the world, and she is really really strong.

But this week she learned that she will have to have surgery to remove cancer from her body. We don't know what all she will have to endure, but we do know that she will endure! She has a positive outlook and a desire to get back out on that tennis court so she is rarin' to go... eager to beat this and ready to get on with life.

Thing is... this has made my husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and me look at our family in a whole new light. We have thought to pray for her and each other each and every day. We have thought about what WE eat, how much WE exercise (or not!) and how much we talk to each other in a given week... month.. year. We have thought more about HOW we pray for one another, and how we think of each other.

Sad, isn't it? To think that something like cancer has to wake us up! I guess we are only human, but it's still sad that the human race has to face scary circumstances just to realize exactly what we have and realize that we had better take care of it... of them... before they are taken from our reach.

Will you please pray for us if the Lord brings us to your mind? We are trusting our Heavenly Father and realizing that He is still God no matter what! He IS in control and He is worthy of our praise. This is not only our attitude, but it's her attitude and that makes it such a gift to our entire family... to see her face this with a determined spirit to continue to serve the Lord no matter what!

Let me encourage you... GO TO THE DOCTOR every year!! Do not put it off thinking that you are just fine! GO! PLEASE GO! Have your mammograms! Do what the doctors tell you to do. Exercise! Eat right! I know it's hard... BELIEVE ME! I am the LOVER of sweets of all kinds!! But we have to take care of ourselves!! The doctors say that this is greatly in her favor and will help her heal. We have to do the same!

Thank you in advance for your prayers! God is good... ALL the time!


Amy E. said…
Hey - I just heard about this at church last night.
I'm praying for all of you and for her healing......
Faith said…
I am continuing to cover you all in prayer....praying for complete healing and His peace to reign over all.

Much love, Faith
Rebecca Jo said…
Prayers for your whole family! And this sort of thing always is a wake up call....such a reminder how fragile our bodies are & how important we need to take care of them. Keep us updated!
Jacquie said…
I just prayed for your MIL and your family. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

Very good advice, by the way!!
Heather said…
Melissa, I am so sorry about your mother-in-law. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers. I have a good friend whose husband was diagnosed with cancer recently...and it is almost unreal how much it changes your thought process.
Love you sweet friend!
wow friend - i knew there was a reason God told me to stop by. I will be praying!! thanks for letting us know! love, Leigh
Valarie said…
I love you and I'm still praying!!!

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