Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did I Mention That I Am Failing First Grade?

So yeah. There's another big first grade blunder that I have managed to accomplish. This from a woman with a degree in education mind you.

SPECIAL ed. ... some of my friends keep pointing out the irony here... but yes, I feel like my kid's precious teacher is just shaking her head and saying, "Bless her heart." (You know that means "your a total idiot" in the south! Right?)

See, a few weeks ago I got an e-mail from my daughter's teacher saying that she had a lady that was going to be THE room mom for her first grade class, but that she wanted help and she wondered if I could do, ya know?

So I said, "Sure! I can help. I don't want to be THE room mom, but I can help."

Well, there was this meeting and it was for THE room moms so I didn't go because, you know, I am not THE room mom. I'm the helper.

Later that day I get an e-mail saying, "We are so sorry that you could not attend our meeting today. Here are the notes from THE room mom meeting. We are also attaching our policies for the year," etc. etc. etc. Then there was a list of all of THE room moms for each class and MY NAME was the only one listed for my daughter's class!!

WHAT!?!? ME!? THE room mom? I thought I was THE helper. Not THE room mom!!

Immediately I begin to think that if I am indeed THE room mom then I have perhaps missed some major thing like... oh, I don't know... her teacher's birthday where a definite party should have been planned or something! Or I have totally failed to plan lunch duty for the parents so that the teacher can have a well deserved break OR who knows what!!

So I e-mailed her teacher in a total panic. (Here's where the teacher is saying "Bless her heart" to her family members over dinner that night) I explain the earlier e-mail and just apologize all over myself for failing in THE room mom area.

The next day I get a kind e-mail from the teacher explaining that there is indeed another mom that is THE room mom and that they had just left her name off of the list. (WHEW!) BUT that she did have the party dates planned and that the first party would be IN TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!

Now I am crafty and I am pretty creative, but there are 20 kids (or so) and we need crafts, games and snacks that are all super fun and entertaining for a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds. IN TWO WEEKS! No parents have been contacted. No food bought or even planned for, for that matter, and NO CRAFTS yet! Oh my.

I really hope I learn from all of this for next year. Bless my heart.
Monday, September 29, 2008

So Am I Gonna Trust Him, Or NOT?

Do you ever have those times when it feels like EVERYTHING is going crazy or breaking at once?

Over the past month we have had our DVD player go out, our TV gets ONE channel now... and our vacuum cleaner had to go to the vacuum doctor this weekend!

Or how about those times when every where you turn there is something to do? Well, that seems like almost everyday lately, but seriously, we had ants in our pantry that we worked and worked to get rid of. I woke up the next morning and they were BACK! Except that time they were busy working from our trash can in the laundry room TO the pantry. And today... you guessed it! Back again! Except THIS time they were in my office after something in a bag that I left on the floor! They would NOT go away!!

Not to mention the mounds of laundry, NO GAS in my car and a super dirty house. (And here I am blogging. There's something wrong with this picture... where are my priorities??)

Sometimes just the everyday of life can get overwhelming. Then we throw in the bank buy outs, the gas crisis, hurricanes, the election, the war and all of those bigger than life issues and, man, how does one cope with it all?

In Luke 22 Jesus was with His disciples. He was getting ready to be sacrificed and was having His last supper with His friends. At one point He speaks to Peter and He says, "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail."

Now how awesome is it that the One who was getting ready to face an undeserved death was praying for those around Him to not lose faith?

God's word tells us that we have an Intercessor that lifts us to the Father in the midst of life's uncertainties. Satan has to ask permission to even come near God's children AND our Father has to grant him permission! He does not have free reign in our hearts or lives and we are hidden under the safety of our Father's wings when it comes to facing difficult times.

No, it's not a guarantee that we will never face difficulties. As Christians we are still in this world. Crazy things that drive us nuts for a day... like those ants... are minor, and yet they still.. drive us nuts!!

But things like an uncertain future with a job, financial crisis, illnesses, and longings that go unfulfilled seriously hurt us deeply. I believe that Jesus prays for us too. I know that when life is hard and uncertain that He is praying for us to have the faith that we need to face another day... just like He did for Peter.

So, I guess as I try to find gas... I just need to trust Him. Maybe He's telling me to stay home more! Perhaps there's a lesson I could learn here. Ya think? Or maybe as I am facing the one channel on my TV I can see it as a blessing that I am not able to see the junk that could harm my heart and mind?

I know.. those lessons are a little trivial compared to the lessons that some are facing. I just know that I need to trust Him, and His Word, more! How about you??
Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend was my friend Faith's birthday! It was actually Friday, but last night our friends all got together to go to PF Chang's to celebrate! It was so much fun!!

Here we are all crammed into our car to head to dinner. At the last minute Brandon decided to show us his conservative side. It was a little cramped, and we were concerned about Faith getting car sick waaay back in the back (NOT a good birthday surprise for anyone!) but she didn't and we were glad that we all rode together. Chad even commented on the way back that we could ALL... ALWAYS ride that way! Uh. no. But it sure would save us all on gas!

Once we got there we all decided to get appetizers and we all shared. IT WAS DELISH! It just seems that you can't really go wrong with almost anything there! YUM!

Here are our sweet friends:
Chad and (the Birthday Girl) Faith

Jennifer and Daniel

Brandon and Emily

Me and my hubby, Steve

We had such a good time eating, talking and laughing!

And it was a great time to celebrate Faith! She is such a sweet friend to all of us. She's creative, funny, talented and she loves Jesus. We have been on beach trips, local mission trips, mountain trips and Atlanta Market trips together! I love that we share lots of common interests and that we share a common bond of sisterhood in Christ. She is one of my accountability partners and Bible study buddies! She's always praying for us as we face different challenges with our daughter and seeks to encourage us whenever she can!

Faith, I am so glad that the Lord brought you into my life! You and Chad are sweet friends and we always enjoy your company. It has been great to have someone to share our little business venture with, teach Sunday school with and just plain hang out with. You are in my prayers daily and you seek the Lord for your family. I love you very much and I hope you had a great birthday weekend!!
Sunday, September 21, 2008

And All 34 Of Us Had a Bed, Too!

We have just returned from a HUGE family reunion, and man are we tired, but very glad we went!
We are tired because we drove and played and laughed and stayed up late and watched movies and football and shopped and ate, ate, ate and talked, talked, talked and shopped some more and hiked and rode rides and played putt-putt and got in the hot tub and... WHEW! We are exhausted!

Here are the smallest of the 34 attendees... (from the left) our Caroline, 4 year old Lauren, 2 year old Jackson, 3 year old Logan and 6 year old Mitch in the back! They had a BALL! All you have to do is look at Caroline and Lauren to tell how tired they all were. They had chased each other all over the house that we all rented for 3 days and had a blast, but they were all about to fall over by today.

One day my husband, Caroline and I went hiking with his mom and dad, aunt and uncle and 3 cousins. It was such a gorgeous trail and the weather was perfect. It was really good to catch up with them and their family, and get to see such a neat place all at one time!!

I love this picture of Steve and Caroline climbing the rocks on the trail.

There were bridges with awesome views of water cascading over rocks. It seriously looked like something out of a movie! Ain't God good?!

Another day we went to a little amusement park where some of the cousins wanted to take the little kids to ride rides. It was pretty fun! Caroline and Lauren were the smallest ones to go so they rode some kiddy rides....

Near by there was a go-cart track that went up on a spiral track and then came back down. Caroline loved watching it and wanted to ride, but she was too young to do it by herself. SO she batted her lashes and jumped up and down and managed to talk her daddy into driving for her!And she had a BALL! Here she is pretending to drive while daddy had all of the fun speeding around the track!

While we were waiting on the girls to ride rides this lady walked up pushing a stroller. She had a little girl with her and they stopped to buy tickets for rides. My sister-in-law noticed that the stroller had a little dog in it and could not believe it when she saw the dog turn around! She had on a dress! Well, a tu-tu actually! I wish you could have seen the men in our group roll their eyes and just plain stare! It was so funny!! I wish I had taken a picture of it now. Quite the dog lover... and quite spoiled... I must say!

Here's Caroline with my husband's cousin, Amy. She is such a sweetie (and I love her hounds tooth hat... even if it is Alabama!) and was working on her computer when Caroline walked up and wanted to "check her e-mails!" We all just died!

Being in the car for 4 hours with 4 adults and a kid can be pretty funny. At one point Caroline was so hungry, but there wasn't a place to stop. She kept saying, "I'm hungry, mom. Grammy, I am hungry." We just kept saying "HANG ON! WE ARE TRYING!" All of the sudden Caroline knocked on the car window there next to her seat and said, "Help me God!" OH! We all just howled!!
I wish I had taken some pictures of Daniel, Steve's cousin that organized this shin-dig, in the kitchen! Brotha man had a couple of chef's jackets and was seriously a cooking machine. One morning he got up and made 3 pies for dinner that night, home made biscuits and omelets for anyone who wanted one! He made homemade chicken and dumplin's last night and for appetizers he made fried green tomatoes! OH. SHUT. UP! You would NEVER believe how good it was and he saved us all a lot of money since we didn't have to eat out every meal!
Well, it's only 8:30 and I am the only one still sitting up at this house! Both of my sweeties are in the bed and I am soon to follow! What a fun weekend!! Night, Night!
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Passing Through

Today I read a scripture about Zaccheus... "the wee little man, and a wee little man was he." Ever since I was a little girl we sang the song and read the story of the little man who climbed a sycamore tree just to see Jesus passing through his town of Jerico. Some of my friends and I are doing a Beth Moore study and she made a few comments in the study that I really needed to hear.

One of them was that Zaccheus made an effort to see Jesus. Sometimes... though I am in church and read my Bible it seems that I can't see Jesus! I really NEED to see Him and know that He's here, but I wonder if I make the effort to really see Him? This little man didn't care who saw him... he was climbin' that tree to see Jesus. He made every effort to see Him and sometimes I think I get my eyes on my circumstances and off of the effort that I need to make to see Jesus even in the little things.

I think I can learn a lesson from ol' Zaccheus.

Another thing that Beth (like she's my long time friend or something) pointed out was that Jesus just called Zaccheus by name. It says, "When Jesus reached the spot, Jesus looked up and said to him, "Zaccheus, " (Luke 19:5).

There was no formal introduction. Jesus didn't have to look around for Zaccheus. He knew exactly where he was and He knew his name. No confusion. No wondering on Jesus' part about this man in the tree. He knew.

Jesus knew about Zaccheus and He knows about me. He knows that I am a sinner and He knows that I am far, far from perfect, but He still calls my name.

Zaccheus was a tax collector and had done many wrongs to many people, but Jesus still wanted to spend time with him. He wanted to go to his house and dine with him!!

Maybe you are struggling with something today. I am. I needed to hear that in spite of my struggles.... in spite of the fact that I feel that He doesn't see me and my situation... that He is still passing by and He sees me... even if I am up a tree with frustration... and He knows my name, and He knows yours too.

Lord, I praise you that you know me and my frustrations. Thank you for the reminder that You see me and know my heart. Please touch my friends that read this and encourage them that you are with them too! We ask you to work Lord and we are praying with expectant hearts!
Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 9 O'clock Headache

Today I had this grand-e-os plan of getting up early to shop the neighborhood yard sale. We live in a BIG neighborhood so I was sure that there were great deals to be had out there, and I was on a mission to be the partaker of said deals too!

I went to bed last night with the plan in my head that I would get up, grab a hat and some shorts and a t-shirt and head out before the family even knew what hit 'em. However, right before I went to bed I sneezed like 3 times in a row!! COME ON NOW! I have big plans!! STOP IT! Even my husband said, "Well, sneezy. What's going on with YOU?"

Around 6:45am my daughter got up (because her little body is on the school time clock now.. yay for that on weekends... ug!) and came to our room. I thought, "Oh! Let's go! It's yard sale time!!" But as I lifted my head there was this LOVELY pounding in my sinuses and near the base of the back of my head I had a PRECIOUS little tightened area. My husband got up and was rarin' to go. I went back to sleep.

Around 9am I decided to lift my heavy head off of the pillow and try to become a part of the land of the living. No yard sales I'm afraid. I was kind of disappointed... other folks were getting my deals... dag gum it! I bet I missed some super cute table that just needed some love and care to go at the top of my stairs!! Or maybe I missed the greatest pile of the cutest girl clothes you've ever seen in a size 7!! Or I could have missed some amazing store fixture that I have been hunting for for weeks now!! YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!

Oh well. The good news is that I started feeling better after I ate and got myself going a little. I even cut the grass since my hubby was risking life and limb to clean out our gutters. It was the least I could do.

Later in the day he went to work for a few hours and afterwards we met for dinner. He walked into the restaurant with this look on his face. "What's going on?" I asked.
"That lovely headache you had? Yea, now I have it."

He went to bed at 9pm.

At least we didn't overlap our 9o'clock headaches.
Friday, September 12, 2008

Everyday Conversations

My husband and I are getting ready for bed:

Him: (he has just finished brushing his teeth) "Uh, what color was your toothbrush again??"

Me: "It's the red one."

Him: (silent for a moment) "That's what I was afraid of."

Me: "Ooooo. Oh, It's ok! I can just get another one in the morning. We have a few extras!"

Him: "Yea, but where will I get another brushin'!?!?"

I could not go to sleep for giggling. All the while he's laying there thinking about the germs.

Caroline and I are in the car on our way to school. She is adding, using her fingers, in the back seat.

Her: "Ok mom. 5 plus 5 equals... " (she's counting) ... "10!"

Me: "GREAT honey! That's right!"

Her:" Ok so let's say we have 10 cookies. I give you half, me half and daddy half."

Me: "Well, you can't give us all half. You would have to divide by 3 because there are 3 of us so let's keep it easy. Let's just give you half and me half. That would be 5 and 5."

Her: "NO! MOM! Dad likes cookies too!"

Oh, bless her heart.
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speaking of First Grade...

At the beginning of the year (which was all of 4 weeks ago) the teachers sent home a pack of papers for us to read about all of the policies and procedures. You know... stuff we need to know about how to handle "big school".

There were several things that they highlighted a FEW times because you have THOSE parents who don't follow the rules.

Here are a few rules:

1) We will send home ALL homework on Mondays, but you are to read the weekly homework sheet to see which work is to be done which night. DO NOT DO IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT! You may end up working on something that we have not introduced and really confuse your child.

WELL! The first day her homework comes home with a math page, a reading log and some spelling words to learn.

The rule was "DO NOT DO IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT." Remember? It didn't seem like much so we did that math page and sent it in. SO PROUD OF US! We are ON the BALL!! Got that homework done! Then we wondered why there was no more homework for the rest of the week.


After about a week I begin to wonder when we were going to sign up for snack for her classroom. Wonder what she has been eating for snack? Surely those nice teachers are not providing snack for ALL of those kids everyday!!

One day she came home from school complaining about how hungry she was... I went back to my rules pack to see WHICH NEGLIGENT PARENT had been laying down on the job of bringing in snack for the class when I found rule #2 (that was at the back of the info. pack and something that I never read)

2) We will do snack differently than they do in kindergarten. Please send a healthy snack each day with your child and tell them where to locate it in their book bags so that they can find it easily.


Then at the beginning of this week I get a packet of graded papers. There is a reading grade of an 80 in there that is her first reading grade. AN 80?? She's only in the first grade!!

Then I read this:

3) During the summer you were to read with your child. We asked each child to read (something like) 40 books. We explained that your child's first reading grade would reflect the number of books read. Your child read 25 books.

Basically, I am failing first grade.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First Grade Project

YES y'all! A project! Due TODAY in first grade! It's a diorama project... you know.. where you use a shoe box and all. At first I kept telling her, "We have to start on your project. Let's go get the supplies and get busy!" to which she would say, "What project? What IS a project?" Oh. That would be a problem if you had no idea what a project was now wouldn't it?

I was very proud of my girl though. We went to the library to pick out an animal book (because that's what the project is about, y'all. Animals.) and she picked out a horse book. Then we headed to Michael's where she picked out paint, scrap booking stickers with cowboy hats, boots, saddles and the like. She was really into it. Which was nice because I was seriously afraid that I might have to drag her around to find the stuff, but she was excited and tried really hard. But she painted her shoebox and added a fence, and a horse and we put in a little blanket and all... we added straw and oats (because that's what horses eat) and we put in a water bucket... it really looked pretty good!

They had to present their little diorama to the class today complete with the title of the book, the author and at least 3 facts about their animal. PRESENT IT TO THE CLASS! In first grade people! I am sure that I did this for the first time in like 5th grade!

SO she wore a little dress today and we practiced, practiced, practiced. She sat her daddy down on the couch this morning at 7 am to present her project to him... and all of the sudden she did something that she has NEVER , in HER LIFE, done before... she acted SHY!! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT ABOUT?? Her voice got all quiet and she was twisting around like some kind of shy kid... hello!!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU??

Who knows how this is going to go? When she brings it home I will take a picture of her with her little project and we will tell you the results! I promise... I am stressing more than she is over this. FAR more. What's that about??
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Coupons!

Hey girls! I wanted to let you know that I found another website. It's and on this website you get to see lots of different places where you can save. They do have printable coupons, but they also allow you to choose whether or not you want info. from Target, Walmart, Rite Aid and other stores.

The "thing" (You know, the catch... the "thing") with this site (that isn't a big deal really) is that you have to go through a few pages of offers that you either accept of skip. Just skip those if you are not interested. That's what I did.

The cool thing is that you can put in your address (once you are registered) and they give you the down low on the coupons or sales in your area! SWEET!

Honestly, the site on the earlier post is a little more user friendly. I am trying hard to find sites that are not hard to figure out because I am SO techy and all! I get lost. Anyway... I hope we are all saving a little money these days with gas prices being what they are.... it helps to know that we at least have an option or two to help!
Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coupon Web Site

Ok... Mimi asked me to share some of the things I learn about coupons so here's one website that I found. Apparently there are lots of folks doing this and I have a LOT to learn, but here's a little that I found...
This one was great because you don't have to register to use the coupons. You just print them!

Also, my friend told me that it's good to get all coupons and not just some. She said that Kraft (for example) might say that you have to buy 3 Kraft items to get a free pack of cheese. Well, Kraft might sell those .19 coolaid packs and you can buy 3 of those then get your free cheese! She said it's really important to read the entire coupon. I got $2 off of milk because I bought 2 boxes of poptarts! Milk's expensive ya'll!! I would not usually buy 2 boxes of poptarts, but my kid will eat them sooner or later.

Try that one and see what you find! I will try to post more when I find good ones!
Happy Shopping!!

Fun New Business Look

I am so excited! I have a new business name so that Faith and I can expand!! I am hoping that this new venture will not only bring us a little more business, but also, and above all bring glory to the Lord! Look at this CUTIE new logo that Faith designed. She is SO talented. THANKS GIRL! I owe you big!!

Coupon Craze!

Yesterday I HAD to go to the grocery store. There was no way around it. We were out of EVERYTHING. I mean, we were rationing milk among the three of us just so everyone could have a teaspoon of it!

So first I dropped my daughter off at school and went to work out. When I was leaving the gym I saw a friend that I have known for a while. She asked where I was going and I told her about our empty fridge. Another friend walked up and asked, "Did you know our friend here is BIG into couponing?"

Well, I know that people clip coupons. I know that I have heard about people saving tons of money using them too. But when our friend started to share about JUST how much she saves and how many coupons she clips... well, that was just maddness!

We walked to our cars where she told me to get my list. She got out this HUGE... ya'll... oh my word... notebook with baseball card organizers in it... FULL... chock FULL of organized, categorized, and stapled coupons. I got my list and named off the things that I was planning to buy and girlfriend had a coupon for nearly every single little item on my list. Not all, but a lot more than I had to start with so I had hit the jackpot!!

While she was giving me the coupons she was explaining to me that there are so many women in our area that communicate via web sites to help one another know when different stores will have specials. She said that Harris Teeter is the best store to shop because they will accept any competitor's coupons and they double them! She also said that you sometimes have to stockpile because that is how you get the most savings.

Maybe ya'll know all of this already? But to me... it was NEWS! I mean, I know that Harris Teeter doubles coupons and all, but I guess I never put much thought to it. And WHO knew that I could have been online finding out how to save on groceries?? I don't really pay attention to who has what on sale when... I just go to the store when we are low. Well! What a mistake! Apparently.

Now, hear me here... I was going SHOPPIN'! Not just running in to get a few things... and she had something for me for almost everything on my looooooong list. I was so excited that I called my husband! "You just wait! I am going to save us a bundle today honey!"

So off I went. I did not have a paper clip or an envelope or anything to keep all of it together so I looked like an unorganized 5th grader walking in... tiny little squares of paper occasionally flying around. But I finally got settled in my buggy and IT WAS ON! I was bent on saving me some money!!

I did have to buy more than one thing at times to get the deal that they were offering. So I did have 52 rolls of toilet paper and 48 rolls of paper towels. (Oh, not really! It just felt that way!) And I (REALLY) did get 4 packs of cookie mix so that I could get the savings. (yes, I will eat them all... did you REALLY think I wouldn't?) Thing is... everything that I bought double on are things that we definitely would use. I did not end up with something that will go to waste just to save a dollar. So that was good.

And they didn't have a sale on ice cream... which I NEED for all of those cookies... so I had to buy that outright. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

ANYWAY... I got to the check out and my little bag guy was so sweet, but he was talking to me! STOP IT! I need to see how much I am saving here, child!

The receipt was growing by the second and I was beginning to think I had made a big mistake..until she got to the coupons!!! Oh my word! By the time it was all over and done with I had saved $76 in VIC coupons and with the added coupons from my friend I saved $104!!!!!!

Needless to say my husband is ready for me to get on line to find out about the sales, hook up with other couponers and find out the scoop, get me a notebook and some baseball card organizers, and get to clippin'!

Oh, what have I gotten myself into??
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God Speaking

Today they came to me in 30-45 minute increments. Kids struggling to make it in school. I was able to help one spell, one do math and one organize and write a paragraph. They smiled and said thank you. They went on their way. On to another thing. On to try again.

God, somehow, almost always says something to my heart through kids. Especially those that struggle in one way or another.

"Don't give up."

"Press on."

"Come to me and let me help. Don't try it all alone."

"Smile. We made it through that! We will make it through the next thing. Just don't stop."

"You can do this! It may not be easy, but you CAN do this! WE can do this."

"You may not look like everyone else, but that's ok! I made you like you are for a reason. Be the BEST you that you can be!"

Things that He says to me as I see kids that need an extra hand and know that THEY need to hear. I need to hear them too.

Somehow when He calls you to something He uses that thing to feed your spirit. My "thing" seems to be kids with disabilities. It does not have to be a severe disability. It's just that when I know that a kid is somehow struggling it just makes me want to help. It makes me want to jump in there and encourage... give something of myself.

God said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35 I know it's true because when you see a kid "get it" because of something you've said or done... well, your heart just swells with joy!! Not because of anything you've done, but because THEY go it!! They somehow heard differently that one time, and TA DA! They got it!! When you give a little of yourself... the blessing is so huge that you don't really realize that you gave anything... because you gain so much.

I am so thankful that He speaks through things that we never expect. I really didn't think that these students would bring such encouragement my way.. and THEY had no idea that I needed it. But God did. And I am so glad He did.
Monday, September 1, 2008

A Ballgame and An Anniversary!

Man! It has been busy at this house!! We have had school adjustments, running here and there trying to make sure we are prepared. We have had major projects at my husband's work where he has worked really late to meet deadlines. (Can I just say that I do not know how single moms do it? I honestly thought I was going to go CRAZY last week!) And we have had church responsibilities, responsibilities at home AND at our little store. WOW!

On top of all of that we left last week to go to my parent's house so that my husband could go to see his beloved Wolfpack get stomped by the Gamecocks.

I know. I don't sound very sympathetic.

I hate that they lost, and I am glad that he got to go, but when you put him at the game where his team loses... well, it's just not pretty.. nor is it fun for anyone involved. So when they get killed.. like lose with no points on the board at all... well, it's just.. loads of happy times.

So. On to more interesting an up lifting things.

Like yesterday we celebrated our 12 year anniversary!! God has been so good and has really carried us through these 12 years together. We got to celebrate while at mom and dad's by going to dinner at Bonefish (OH. MY. WORD. It's shut-up good!) and then shopping for a little while... just the two of us.

Then yesterday.. ON the actual day... we went to church and had lunch with friends. Two of our favorite things to do!! So.. we recovered well from the ballgame tribulations... I think!

It's funny... we were talking about our 12 years and how at the beginning of our marriage we HAD to go to a bed and breakfast or it just wasn't a real anniversary. We would drive to some new city or small town and stay at a quaint little place. It was always fun to explore and learn about a new area, go to dinner somewhere new and just be together.

Now, we can spend time with family and friends and still feel that we have had time to enjoy each other. We have been so busy that we didn't even get gifts for each other, and that didn't seem to bother either of us! It's strange how we change into people that we never really thought we would become. Maybe you get more mellow with age? Who knows!

Hope you had a good weekend! Happy Labor Day! I am just glad that we are all home for one day to recover from the weekend away! Laundry awaits!