Speaking of First Grade...

At the beginning of the year (which was all of 4 weeks ago) the teachers sent home a pack of papers for us to read about all of the policies and procedures. You know... stuff we need to know about how to handle "big school".

There were several things that they highlighted a FEW times because you have THOSE parents who don't follow the rules.

Here are a few rules:

1) We will send home ALL homework on Mondays, but you are to read the weekly homework sheet to see which work is to be done which night. DO NOT DO IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT! You may end up working on something that we have not introduced and really confuse your child.

WELL! The first day her homework comes home with a math page, a reading log and some spelling words to learn.

The rule was "DO NOT DO IT ALL IN ONE NIGHT." Remember? It didn't seem like much so we did that math page and sent it in. SO PROUD OF US! We are ON the BALL!! Got that homework done! Then we wondered why there was no more homework for the rest of the week.


After about a week I begin to wonder when we were going to sign up for snack for her classroom. Wonder what she has been eating for snack? Surely those nice teachers are not providing snack for ALL of those kids everyday!!

One day she came home from school complaining about how hungry she was... I went back to my rules pack to see WHICH NEGLIGENT PARENT had been laying down on the job of bringing in snack for the class when I found rule #2 (that was at the back of the info. pack and something that I never read)

2) We will do snack differently than they do in kindergarten. Please send a healthy snack each day with your child and tell them where to locate it in their book bags so that they can find it easily.


Then at the beginning of this week I get a packet of graded papers. There is a reading grade of an 80 in there that is her first reading grade. AN 80?? She's only in the first grade!!

Then I read this:

3) During the summer you were to read with your child. We asked each child to read (something like) 40 books. We explained that your child's first reading grade would reflect the number of books read. Your child read 25 books.

Basically, I am failing first grade.


Heather said…
WHAT?!?!? This is crazy! Makes me scared for when Connor starts! I better get myself in gear!
Valarie said…
Girl, you are crackin' me up!!!

Don't feel bad, we're in the same boat! teehee

amyb said…
I'm still laughing...
JenB said…
Ok, I've got too many blogs to read to comment on every one, but this deserves one. I am cracking up!
Don't feel bad though---Becca's teacher always forgets snack too. :)

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