The 9 O'clock Headache

Today I had this grand-e-os plan of getting up early to shop the neighborhood yard sale. We live in a BIG neighborhood so I was sure that there were great deals to be had out there, and I was on a mission to be the partaker of said deals too!

I went to bed last night with the plan in my head that I would get up, grab a hat and some shorts and a t-shirt and head out before the family even knew what hit 'em. However, right before I went to bed I sneezed like 3 times in a row!! COME ON NOW! I have big plans!! STOP IT! Even my husband said, "Well, sneezy. What's going on with YOU?"

Around 6:45am my daughter got up (because her little body is on the school time clock now.. yay for that on weekends... ug!) and came to our room. I thought, "Oh! Let's go! It's yard sale time!!" But as I lifted my head there was this LOVELY pounding in my sinuses and near the base of the back of my head I had a PRECIOUS little tightened area. My husband got up and was rarin' to go. I went back to sleep.

Around 9am I decided to lift my heavy head off of the pillow and try to become a part of the land of the living. No yard sales I'm afraid. I was kind of disappointed... other folks were getting my deals... dag gum it! I bet I missed some super cute table that just needed some love and care to go at the top of my stairs!! Or maybe I missed the greatest pile of the cutest girl clothes you've ever seen in a size 7!! Or I could have missed some amazing store fixture that I have been hunting for for weeks now!! YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!

Oh well. The good news is that I started feeling better after I ate and got myself going a little. I even cut the grass since my hubby was risking life and limb to clean out our gutters. It was the least I could do.

Later in the day he went to work for a few hours and afterwards we met for dinner. He walked into the restaurant with this look on his face. "What's going on?" I asked.
"That lovely headache you had? Yea, now I have it."

He went to bed at 9pm.

At least we didn't overlap our 9o'clock headaches.


MiMi said…
I have been experiencing that same feeling the last couple of mornings. I am glad that both of you are feeling better and I hope you have a great week.

There's always NEXT Saturday!
Faith said…
and, at least he didn't get stuck on the roof cleaning out the gutters ;)
Heather said…
I had that same headache yesterday- and I was SO THANKFUL that it left before this morning! I also had the sneezing AND a sore throat to go with it- NO FUN!

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